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Global Ride Hailing Market Subjected To A Schemed Upheaval

global ride hailing market
Be it passenger comfort or ease of booking, the global ride-hailing market is certainly not just any chance occurrence. The sure sign of the upsurge in demand for the ride-hailing services on a global level is due to the convenience it provides to the customers. However, as per recent reports by Counterpoint Research, the global ride-hailing market is undergoing a major...

Apple Invests $1 Bln In Didi Chuxing To Safeguard Its Own Existence

Apple's investment in Didi
Expansion of businesses is the order of the day; the technology honchos are looking for newer avenues other than their own traditional business. The new entrant in the league is Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). Citing its loss in fiscal Q2 2016, everyone was expecting that Apple will have to do something different to keep its growth intact, and, the iPhone...

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