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Loyalty Programs Not Among The Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Select A Brand: Google

From aligning schedules, choosing a destination to packing essentials and all that jazz - Who says "The Journey before a Journey" is merely hyped over and not fun? But what comes along as the brick of wall are the attributes of travel business; namely, the perks and benefits provided to travellers!The last couple of decades have seen the onset...

41% Of World Wide Shoppers Prioritize Price While Switching Brands! Followed By Quality (26%) And Service Agreement (15%). [STUDY]

Customer loyalty is the most decisive factor for any brand to remain at the top of the ladder and promote a continuous flow of income. Many shopaholics buy newly launched products from emerging brands or retail stores but hardly a handful of them turn out to be loyal customers and continue associations in the long run.Setting optimum price based on demand and other conditions,...

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