iPad Helped Apple Inc. (AAPL) To Dominate The Global PC Market in Q1 2014: Lenovo and HP Catching Up!

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) released the first iPad in 2010 and caused turmoil in the global PC market for the next few years. The iPad ushered in the age of tablets, and the market for bulky desktop PCs was soon in steep...

Global PC Market Q2, 2013: Apple Inc. Takes Cut On Volume But Regains Top Slot [Report]

In Q2, 2013 Global PC market has remained flat despite 42.9% growth in the tablets. Nearly 109 million PCs (includes Desktops, netbooks and tablets) were shipped in Q2, 2013 with a negligible growth of 0.3% compare to a year...
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The biggest tech trends in 2022 that will redefine the industry

The Tech world has seen an exponential rise in the last decade or so and the innovation does not...
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