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Digital Consumers In India 2013 : Android Dominates With 90% Of Smartphone And 88% Of Tablet Market Shares! [INFOGRAPHIC]

India is witnessing an exponential growth in terms of digital media usage as more people are consuming digital media and adopting latest trends in arenas like social media, mobile devices, OS preferences and a preferred web browser. India is the 2nd largest Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) country, the 2nd fastest in terms of Smartphone adoption. It is one of the...

Web Browser Market 2013: Chrome Is Users’ Favourite With 34% Share [STUDY]

More than one-third of world population is online; this has ignited the fight in web browser market in 2013 between internet giants such as Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft's Internet Explorer, a leader in world-wide browser usage during late 90s, is outplayed by Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. According to the recent report from Shareaholic - which tracked...

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