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Twitter Marketing: 30% Of Top Brands Invest In Customer Service [Study]

Average CS response rates
Twitter is an excellent micro-blogging site; with its unique 140 characters of speech it has marked a authorized space among many other social media networks. It creates the best opportunity for brands and provides good opportunities for conversations with users but  the biggest problem what brands on Twitter face is the same thing itself. These tweets draws great attention and puts marketers in a pressure to respond quickly to customer queries/complaints.A couple of weeks...

Retailers Ignore Customers On Twitter: They Don’t Care To Reply Their Tweets!

Twitter is a free microblogging site; with its unique 140 characters of speech it has claimed a proficient space among many other social media networks. As the acceptance of this networking site built up day over day by celebrities, politicians, public figures – brand pages started popping up in order to market their products, replying to customer queries, campaigns...

Twitter: A Biggest Brand Hub Online – 68 Percent Of Twitter Users Follow Brands

With the launch of several new features and strong response from users as well as marketers, it has been proven that micro-bogging titan Twitter is on its way to surpass its competitors in various aspects of social media industry. Its user-base and revenue both have risen in last one year significantly. By the year-end total number of Twitter users...

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