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How Are Bloggers Thriving In the Era of Online Content Marketing [REPORT]

bloggers driving traffic to blogs 2016
With the shift in trends - all things going digital, it was only a matter of time before digital content evolved into a thriving industry by itself. Come 2017, we are now looking at massive upward trends marking the digital content industry. We now see more bloggers, more digital content writers and creators, more visuals and graphics - and...

Facebook Inc. (FB) Is The Most Important Platform For 54% Of Social Media Marketers In 2014

Almost all social media sites, including Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR), LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE:LNKD), have turned into a battle ground for brand marketers across the globe. Marketers are increasing their social media activities on various networking sites to generate leads and acquire customers. According to a ‘2014 Social media marketing industry report’ by Social media examiner, which surveyed over 2,800...

Make Your Blogging Experience More Prolific With Top 10 Chrome Extensions !

In the recent years a lot of new bloggers are adding up online. There is significantly a rough competition going on amongst themselves, whether it may be their endeavor to promote their blogs or mere knowledge distribution. Using these Google chrome plugins, it will enhance the productivity of blogging experience. Clearly: Those users who often find it difficult to go through any website...

How Professionals Adopt Blogging As A Promising Profession? [Study]

In today’s generation bloggers play an important role in providing information to the users as well as industries. Such information may be of any type including news, analysis, or Infographic depends upon the environment. A Recent survey by Technorati - conducted over 45 english spoken countries reveals that more than three fifth of the bloggers are male against two fifth...

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