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India Doesn’t Have Skills Set Required For Blockchain Technology: Study

skills set for blockchain
A recent research conducted by Belong, a hiring solutions Bengaluru based start-up, stated that only one out of every 400 software developers in India are qualified enough to work on the recent technology of Blockchain. With a growth of Blockchain Technology and its worth estimated to be as high as US$7,683 million by 2022, it is obvious that the demand...

Finney: The First Blockchain Smartphone Can Trigger Mass Adoption of Cryptocurrency

first blockchain smartphone
A Blockchain smartphone is not just a gimmick anymore as Sirin Labs has made it official and released the specification of Finney - the long-awaited and revolutionary smartphone. The world's first blockchain smartphone, Finney - named after bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, is due to hit the shelves at some point this year.Last year, Sirin labs raised $157.8 million during a...

Blockchain Phone: Do We Need One?

blockchain phone
The concept for Blockchain phones was first presented in 2017. Cryptocurrencies are wildly popular with investors, but are also causing some deep contemplation in the more conservative enclaves of the financial world. Blockchains, the technology which facilitates cryptocurrencies holds a great deal of promise for everything from financial markets to the secure payment of government welfare programs. When evangelists...

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