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Hey Apple!! Don’t Repeat The Mistakes What RIM And Nokia Did

Undoubtedly, Apple only uses premium materials for out-turn of its products and the company doesn't want to compromise with the quality of any of its products. The company launched its one of the finest products (new iPad) in March of this year and shipped 3 million units within three days of its availability. Just like previous versions, the new iPad has...

Which One Would You Like To Own: Nook HD+ Or Kindle Fire HD

At present, market is flourished with 7-inch Tablets including Amazon's Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble's Nook,  Google's Nexus 7 and more. In addition to these, Apple is also going to launch 7-inch mini iPad later this month. We have already discussed about the specifications and features of Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus. Barnes & Noble's 9-inch Nook HD+ is...

Why Microsoft Has Teamed-Up With Barnes & Noble?

A week before, Microsoft teamed-up with Barnes & Noble in order to provide a world-class reading technology on Nook Tablet, which is currently facing an intense competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Apple’s iPad. Microsoft has 17.6% stake in the amalgamation including e-Book division and Barnes & Noble’s college’s book stores unit--currently operating in 641 stores. However, Barnes & Noble's traditional...

Microsoft Is Teaming-Up With Barnes & Noble To Bring World Class Reading Technology : [Report]

Recently, Barnes & Noble  sponsored an event to discuss about the launch of its Tablet in non-US markets. Previously, I have described why the company should not launch its Tablet in the non-US market. The reason is quite obvious that digital bookseller are not as matured in apps and cloud era as Apple is. Now, users are being more attracted...

Low Priced Kindle Fire And Nook To Jeopardize iPad’s Shipment This Year ?

Folks are price sensitive, and Kindle Fire’s low price strategy has wooed huge masses worldwide. A sequence of Tablets is available in the market by different marketers, and folks are often talking about either Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble’s Nook. It bothers me a lot while someone asks which one is better, Kindle Fire or Nook. It worsens...

Barnes And Noble Wants U.S. to Examine Microsoft’s Monopoly Over Android Patent

Barnes & Noble appealed to U.S. justice department to examine Microsoft’s monopoly to use its patent agreement. The company has asserted that Microsoft is erroneously exercising its patent and indulges in stipulating licensing royalty from Android. On Oct 17, 2011, Barnes & Noble said in a letter to the Justice Department’s chief counsel for competition policy-Gene Kimmelman- “Microsoft is embarking...

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