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Apple iPhone Sales Bounce Back In China And US But Samsung Conquer Great Britain

Apple Smartphone (iPhone) OS Sales Share
The latest smartphone OS data from Kantar Worldpanel is out, and there is a good news for both of the two largest smartphone makers in the world - Samsung Electronics (KRX:005930) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL).Starting with Apple, the world's second-largest smartphone manufacturer had a pretty good quarter from June to August. Apple managed to gain ground on rivals Samsung...

Rising Sales of iPhone 7 Is Helping Apple Win Back Lost Ground [REPORT]

sales of iphone 7 in us europe china japan
Android has been dominating the smartphone OS market with nearly 85% of the market share in 2016. For the last few years, Android has further strengthened its smartphone market share as iOS from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been losing grounds. However, looks like Apple iOS is all set to reclaim its lost market in the smartphone segment. In a recent report from Kantar World Panel, Apple iOS has witnessed...

YouTube Gets More Visits Than Facebook But Lags Behind In Active Usage [REPORT]

countries with maximum time spend on social media
Along with the time the human life is evolving, connectivity groomed itself into a powerful medium to keep the world intact. Man being a social animal, in this digital world cannot afford losing connectivity even for a second. As connectivity is vital, a person now has become a digital consumer connected worldwide. This is evident in the Q3 2015...

The Revival of Apple iPhone: Android Smartphones Facing Heat

Apple iPhone was launched in Europe on Nov 9, 2007. The locked sim model which was then popular with Apple caused controversies and legal issues in several European countries including Germany, France, and Italy. However, it didn’t tarnish the image of the brand among customers who were lined up a day in advance to lay their hands on the...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Strengthens Its Smartphone Foothold But Lost In US To Android In Q3 2014

Apple iPhone sales share in Q3 2014
The figures on smartphone sales data in the latest Kantar Report, for the third-quarter ending September 30, 2014, demonstrate Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) owned Android’s dominance over the European Smartphone OS market with a 73.9% share. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, or call it iPhone, retains the second-highest share with 15.4%, while Windows trail behind with 9.2% of the market. While Android successfully...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Recorded Double-Digit Decline In World’s Largest Smartphone Markets During Q2, 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is apparently facing tough time in world's largest smartphone markets as its market share has declined for the last few quarters. The second quarter of this year took Apple into a double-digit loss with the company's smartphone market share declined by 11% and 11.9% in the US and China, respectively. In the US and China, Android...

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone Losing Users To Galaxy S5 In Europe, But Wins In Great Britain !

Across the five largest European markets 17% of smartphone buyers made the switch from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone to Galaxy S5. However, the marketing strategies of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (KRX:005930) have somehow failed to make Galaxy S5 the largest selling smartphone in Britain. The device still lacks behind Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, claims Kantar Worldpanel Comtech in its latest Smartphone Sales...

Smartphone APAC Market Forecast 2014 – 2018: 34.9% Penetration Portrays A Huge Opportunity For Vendors And Developers !

Smartphone penetration is increasing globally and Asia-Pacific region has emerged as the driving force behind this growth. But the sheer numbers and market share tell a very different story. Some of the countries in the region are fast approaching saturation point and are likely to surpass smartphone penetration, against population, in European countries. More than half of population in...

State of The Internet In Q2, 2013: Asia-Pacific Countries Lead [STUDY]

For the second quarter of 2013, some familiar names were found at the top of the Asia-Pacific region’s connection speed list – South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong were the top three. All three were able to break the 10 Mbps barrier or “high broadband” threshold, with South Korea garnering the top spot at 13.3 Mbps, Japan with 12.0...

India among Top5 ‘happiest’ survey !

Surroundings spell soundness of mind and body and India is ranked among the top 6 of the world. Residents of the Netherlands, Canada and Australia are the most satisfied with the areas where they live, according to a survey of 23 countries. India is not far behind. India freezes the 4th spot among Top 6 happiest couontries across the globe.

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