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How immersive gaming has turned AR into 2019’s vogue

AR Gaming 2019
The AR gaming market is poised to grow as the global VR and AR market was estimated $26.7 billion in 2018, and in the next 6 years, it would grow 30 folds, reaching $814 billion in 2025 - a big enough market for game developers to pull up the shocks and set eyes on the prize.We’re an oddly suspicious species...

How Technology Is Poised to Shape the Future of the Boating Industry

tech in boating industry
With the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), the marine and boating industries are booming—from both a recreational and a scientific standpoint. In April 2018, a Norwegian marine solutions company successfully tested auto-docking on a passenger ship. By November, it was already testing for fully autonomous docking to docking. According to the company, “The ferry was able...

The Recent Advancement In Technology Is Redefining The Online Casino Industry

VR gambling
There is hardly any sector that the advancement in technology hasn’t touched. The Internet has proven itself as one of the best gifts of advancing technology and there is hardly any sector that doesn’t need internet. And when it comes to benefitting from all these advancements in technology, there is not any industry better that gaming industry.The advent in...

The Age Of Virtual Reality Is Already Upon Us, Could Augment Reality Be Next?

worldwide AR and VR headset shipments
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a bit of a hot topic in the tech industry these days. We have covered AR/VR on a number of occasions here at Dazeinfo. The general consensus so far has been that, while promising, AR and VR are yet to take off as a mainstream consumer technology for various sets of reasons. However, latest data from...

The Race For Augmented Reality Is On: May Mean The Death Of The Smartphone

AR market
To say that smartphone industry is big would be an understatement. With approximately 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide and a global sales value of nearly US$429 billion in 2016, the smartphone industry is one of the biggest in the world. So much so, that a sizeable share of the world's economy is contingent on the production and sales of smartphones. Companies...

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