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Is Google Desperate To Launch Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie: Unveiling The OS With Motorola’s 5-Inch ‘X Phone’ In I/O Event 2013!!

Before we hit directly on the nail to discover more about Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie - as many of you may ask - its interesting to know how internet giant has been managing to retain their best talents for years affectionately; Google is now one of the top places for employees to work. According to a recent survey, the company's...

Android 5.0 Might Come With Enhanced Social Network And Better Multiple Device Supports !!

At this time, there’s a buzz about the Google's next Android iteration—expecting to come with the code name of Key Lime Pie. However, the company has not announced anything official related to the Android's new baby till date. The company is expected to host I/O developers conference on May 15, 2013. Of course, everyone is expecting something big in...

This Summer Warm Up To Android 5 – Jelly Bean And Possibly To The End of Your Fragmentation Worries!

Google is likely to unveil the latest version of its market leading Android OS - The Android 5 Jelly Bean later this month at its much talked about I/O conference. What makes this piece of news even more appealing is that Jelly Bean will make its debut with the hottest new gadget on the planet - The Google Nexus tablet.We...

Why Google Is Desperate Towards The Launch Of Android 5.0 Within a Year?

Microsoft is now trying to assert their rivals with its upcoming Windows 8 OS, which is likely to come later this year. The company’s new OS is just an endeavor of the company to reduce the gap between desktops and mobile devices. It’s hard to say, but, Microsoft has threatened the world by its new strategy—to work on the...

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