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Why Is Google’s Alphabet Reconsidering Flipkart Minority Stake Purchase?

alphabet buying flipkart stake
Reportedly, India has maintained its position as the third largest online retail market in the world after China and the USA. Pocketing in benefits, the acquisition of Flipkart by the American supermarket chain, Walmart is considered to be a major attempt of stretching its wings into the Indian online retail business. With a mammoth valuation of $500 billion, Walmart purchased major stakes...

Alphabet’s Revenue In Q3 2017 Grew By 24% YoY, Profits Up 33% Despite Ever Increasing Acquisition Costs And Reducing Cost Per Click

alphabet q3 2017 earnings
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL), the parent company of Google, recently announced their Q3 2017 earnings report, and once again the search giant beat industry expectations to register 24% YoY growth in revenue compared to Q3 2016. This means the revenue went up from $22.451 billion in Q3 2016 to $27.772 billion in Q3 2017.These revenue numbers mean Alphabet...

Alphabet’s Google: Looking Forward At A Future Beyond Search

Alphabet Google Q4 2015 revenue
When Google restructured itself and became a part of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL), in early August 2o15, there were quite a few skeptics out there who questioned everything from the choice of name to the economic viability of the restructured company. Moving forward in time, Alphabet took the stage to announce its first quarter as a company; and the astounding Q4...

G Is For Goofy or Google: Is Alphabet A Misnomer For Google’s Holding Company ?

What’s in a name?, said William Shakespeare. But now a company name has created a lot of concern among all of us. It began when Google recently underwent a great reorganization in their structure and then emerged as the parent company named as Alphabet. We have already decoded Alphabet and the philosophy behind Larry's decision in an another article. Larry Page,...

Googol (Google) To Alphabet: Think Different Evolution Of Larry Page

Google Alphabet Decoding
Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has recently gone through the a major restructuring. As per the new arrangement, Google would be a part of Alphabet, a new holding company that will own Google and other products that are under the umbrella of Google for now. After the news that broke out yesterday, the internet is flooded with viewpoints, assumptions and theories...

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