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20 Million Users Installed Malicious Ad Blockers from Google Chrome Store

Google Chrome malicious ad blockers
The increasing number of internet users have created a big opportunity window for advertisers and publishers. Google has sensed the opportunity at the very early level and captured the lion’s share of digital advertising revenue through a fleet of tools. In Q4 2017, Google's revenue from digital ads accounted for 85% of the company's total revenue. reached On the...

Facebook Makes A Smart Move In a Tight Corner to Win Over Ad Blockers

facebook ad preferences
In the ongoing ad blocking war, Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is apparently making the right moves to please its users as well as safeguard its revenue arm. But at what cost?Facebook is introducing a new feature in their ad preferences; wherein users can turn off ads whose subject or content might be disruptive or distressing to them. According to AdvertisingAge,...

Mobile Ad Blockers Have Reached Scary Proportions: The Wrecking Ball of the Free Internet [REPORT]

The Internet as we know it is at risk. While the statement, at first glance, may appear to be very clickbait-y, nothing is closer to the truth. For the past couple of years, companies ranging from Google to Facebook has been scratching their heads, trying new methods, newer ways to fight an ever more powerful enemy- Mobile Ad Blockers. However,...

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