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A New Ad Block Detector Tool Helps Publishers to Stop Offering Free Lunch

ad block detector
The growing content consumption by the Internet users has paved way for marketing and branding companies to reach millions of prospective customers in a very cost-effective manner. Consequently, internet users are bombarded with digital banner ads the moment we visit and publisher seeking any information. Though Ad blockers have come for rescue and promise to keep the internet experience...

The Biggest Fear of Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg Is Revealed

biggest fear of facebook and mark zuckerberg
Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB), as a company and as a brand has redefined social media in the nouveau digital era. In fact, in a smartphone-centric world, Facebook, owner of the largest social network and two of the most popular messaging services, seems pretty invincible. We were flabbergasted when we came across this recent report of a certain browser extension that...

The Growing Adoption of Ad Blocks: $22 Billion To Be Lost In 2015 [REPORT]

adoption of ad blocks
Advertisements have become an integral part of many online businesses today. Ads act as a fixed source of revenue for almost all the major content driven websites. However, rising security concerns, high volumes of data usage and annoyance caused by the sheer number of ads has led to the growing adoption of ad blocks. This is a major setback to the...

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