Startup Funding Help: Market Size, That Matters The Most To Investors


We are Dazeinfo. We are proud to be a leading Business Intelligence content provider, because of our forte in market intelligence, Insights & analysis, advisory services, strategic consultancy and communication design for information technology. Our Growing team of 11 analysts is specialized in Smartphone, Social Media, Internet and the Gaming Industry domains.

Since DazeInfo is tightly coupled with the startup community in India, we observed an extremely important Pain Point that hurts early stage Startups the most while designing their growth strategy or pitching investors. Early stage startups which have some extraordinary ideas/products/services find it tough to support and execute their idea.

There are enough of investment opportunities in India for Startups nowadays – VC investment in India rose to 261% in last 1 year – but the problem here is most of the startups are yet to learn how to convey and convince investors to fund them.


These are some of the questions that anyone raising funds can expect.

1. What is the growth potential of your industry/domain ?

2. Who are the current players and market leaders in your domain ?

3. What is their yearly revenue/sales/profits/margins ?

4. How much investment do you need ?


5. How much Equity are you willing to giveaway ?

6. What kind of ROI ( return over investment ) can we expect ?

7. What will be the duration of the ROI ?

8. What are your 5-year projections?

9. What stats, figures & numbers are your Projections based on ?

10. What is the Market size ?

We noticed that Many Startups & budding Entrepreneurs think of innovative solutions for the prevailing problems, but they Hardly do the required Analysis & Market Research about their Industry, before starting up & hence fail to raise investments or attract investors.

So we thought of starting a service for the startup community. Soon, DazeInfo is starting its Analysis As A Service. Especially for startups so that they get the help they need in

1. Doing Market Research.

2. Market analysis & market sizing

3. Generating customised Report required for PPTs, Business Plans & Business Proposals

4. Gathering the Statistics, facts & figures required to pitch with confidence to an Investor

with hopes to add more value to the startup Ecosystem in Bangalore & India we are launching this service and

If you are

1. Planning to Launch a Venture

2. Planning to raise funds

3. Making key decisions about your business & strategy

4. Looking for new channels & Industry insights

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