#DIFan Program

Dazeinfo Fan, aka DIFan, program is meant to recognise and reward the most active, engaged and committed followers who play a vital role in the success of Dazeinfo every month. If you are a student or a tech enthusiast or just an avid social media user, #DIFan Program welcomes everyone who serves as Dazeinfo community specialists, brand evangelists and technology experts in their respective network.

Wink & Win

Stop spending your social currency for free! It takes years to build an engaging network and by sharing content from brands in your favourite network is like leaving money on the table.

By joining #DIFan program you will not only be rewarded for evangelising our content, but you would also be enlighten with the thought provoking analysis, trends & insights of the industry that matter the most for you to scale new heights in your professional life.

  • Earn cash vouchers, Gift Vouchers or goodies every month.
  • invest just 30 minutes every day
  • Win passes to leading conferences/launch events.
  • Participate in quarterly contest to earn "Certificate of Excellence".


We want to welcome everyone who is inquisitive, tech enthusiast and having influence over his/her peer groups. Hence, we have made our guidelines pretty simple and straight.

You MUST join DiFan Club if you are

  • an active user of social media platforms.
  • a college student and like to feed some thought content with your friends.
  • a student and want to give a flying start to your career by staying ahead of the tech curve.
  • a blogger/freelancer and would like to top up your monthly earnings.


"There is no free lunch in this world',
Yes, and we strongly believe in it. We have designed our #DIFan program in a way that recognises and rewards the attention, efforts, and time invested by the top performing DiFans every week. By sparing just 15 minutes everyday for the program, you could stand out in a crowd.

Work on our marketing campaign of the day. Our AI powered tool would automatically record the traction generated by each individual DIFan.

Strategise and drive Word of Mouth events, meetups and activities inside your campus, offices or hangout places.

The top performing DiFans get rewarded with Cash Vouchers, Goodies, Gift Vouchers or passes to various events/sports, every week.


Super Fan Registration
Login to your Facebook account, click on Profile option at top. Copy the URL and paste
Click on your profile name and copy the URL