Thursday, June 21, 2018


81% CEOs In India Mark Availability Of Skills As The Biggest Challenge !

The fast changing market with fluctuations in economy, uncertainty in many areas of business and maybe even instability in Political arena, gives raise to numerous challenges for the leaders today. It's said that corporate leaders are facing some of the...

Intrapreneurship: Let Employees Look Beyond Job Profile To Foster Innovation !

Lately we have been hearing about many big corporations encourage staff to craft new products, ventures to draw more customers.  In this market where technology innovation is being led by active startups, is it a way for bigger corporations...

Why And How Do Big Corporates Benefit From Working With Startups !

Big corporate are seen investing in startups in many areas lately. In fact, many platforms help innovative startups and Angel investors to connect in their local ecosystems, and that paves a way to create investable companies that VC firms...

Working With Teams Across The World: Global Spread Made Things Easier Or More Challenging?

Around two decades ago, people who sit together in one location and work is considered a team, but now thanks to the internet/intranet era that brought about video conferencing, global teams work together easily across the world. Differences in...

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