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youtube content policy

YouTubers Are Shooting Out the Copyright Policies To Make Their Wallet Chunky

The all-time famous video sharing platform Youtube has got its own scrupulous copyright policies, and we all are more familiar with that. However, those fervid Youtube video makers have picked up an uproarious lucrative strategy to make up their...
google ad policy manager

Google Cracks Down On Millions Of Ads And Websites, Launches New Policy Manager

In an attempt to clear out improper advertisements and to better the working of the ad business, Google removed around 2.3 billion ‘bad ads’ that violated its policies. Not limiting its cleansing to selective ads only, Google has also...
facebook music india

Facebook Imitates TikTok: Introduces Indian Music To keep Users Glued

Facebook is leaving no stone unturned to keep its millions of users in India glued to the platform. The company has apparently taken a cue from one of the fastest growing apps among the youth and has added similar...

Is BookMyShow illegally Charging Internet Handling Fees While Booking Movie Tickets Online?

The best of your favourite apps, such as BookMyShow, PVR, PayTM, TicketNew, etc. are your go-to buddies when it comes to booking tickets online. But they often charge what is known as ‘internet handling fees.’Most of us are ready...
facebook criminal charges for data sharing

Facebook Under Criminal Investigation For Its Deals With Apple, Microsoft And Sony

A New York-based grand jury issued a writ petition on Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) over the allegation of sharing the personal details of its users with at least two smartphone and other device manufacturers. In continuation of that writ,...
Google foldable smartphone: Design patent

Google Foldable Smartphone: Patent Indicates It’s Different Than Samsung And Huawei

Google has set its eyes on the foldable smartphone market as recent reports claim that Google foldable smartphone may soon make a debut.Foldable smartphones are fast becoming the hottest topic to discuss in the global smartphone market. With all major smartphone...
eero acquisition by Amazon

Amazon Acquires Eero To Strengthen Its Smart Home Offerings

For some time now Amazon has been leaving no stone unturned to rule the domestic smart devices market with its fancy smart home endeavour. Now, to strengthen its market presence, the company has added another cosy feather into its...
ad frauds india 2018

The Rising Ad Frauds In India: $1.63 Billion Went Down The Drain In 2018

The number of digital ad frauds in India is rising at an alarming pace.With time the amount of money being spent on advertising is growing, as so are the attempts to misrepresent advertisers through ad fraud. Reports have shown...

Microsoft Sets Date To End The support For Windows 7

Prepared to bid adieu to Microsoft Windows 7!Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is finally preparing to end the support for Windows 7 - the most popular Windows OS in the last decade. The company is planning to do so by January...
internet users data privacy

Phobia of Data Privacy Prevails Among 60% of the Internet users In India [STUDY]

People who are actively using the internet and participating in online forums, discussions and downloading resources from various baiting websites have got the inner phobia of their personal info either getting hacked or stored. It is reported that 60%...
mark zuckerberg wechat facebook

The Love of Mark Zuckerberg For WeChat To Transform Facebook Into A Super Platform

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looks back over the business formula and influence of China-based Tencent Holdings triumphant app Wechat. Amidst of repercussions on privacy crisis, with the priority of privacy for its users, Facebook plans to launch end to...
tech in boating industry

How Technology Is Poised to Shape the Future of the Boating Industry

With the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), the marine and boating industries are booming—from both a recreational and a scientific standpoint. In April 2018, a Norwegian marine solutions company successfully tested auto-docking on a passenger...
Google Chrome browser update

Google Needs You To Update Chrome Browser Right Now, And here is why!

If you are using Google Chrome, this post is for you! And, it requires immediate action!!Update Chrome browser right now!! and save your OS. Google identified a "Zero-Day" vulnerability that could directly throw in and run malicious code impulsively...
youtube fact checking feature india rollout

The New Fact-Checking feature Of YouTube Is The Need of The Hour

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) owned video sharing platform YouTube has recently introduced a new feature that gives additional information about the authenticity of users' sensitive search query. This additional information comes as a popup at the top of the search result...
price of OnePlus 7 in India leaked

The Price of OnePlus 7 in India Would Make It A Real Head-Turner [LEAKED]

For the last couple of weeks, the internet is abuzz with the rumours about the specification of OnePlus 7, the price of Oneplus 7 in India and the launch date of OnePlus 7. Yes, you read it correctly; we are...

iPhone Price Cut: The Market Is Turning bad To Worse For Apple

The price of iPhone, especially the latest model, in China has finally come down sharply, amid the lukewarm market response to iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has not been having the best of times since the release...

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