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Average revenue of app publishers on App Store vs Google Play

App Publishers On Apple App Store Are Minting Much More Than Google Play

The recent reports have found out that consumer spending on the top 100 apps in Apple's App Store is much higher than Google Play. In the first quarter of 2019, the App Store recorded an average gross...

Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaign To See Conversions Skyrocketing

Email marketing has long been a staple instrument in the arsenal of many businesses. Contemporary marketing strategies have evolved over the past decade to include the likes of social media and influencer marketing. It is true that...

iPhone XS Resale Value Puts Galaxy S10 To Shame

A surprising trend has emerged after comparing the iPhone XS resale value with Samsung Galaxy S10. After comparing both the smartphones with their variants and their sale and resale values, a pattern can be noticed where the...
iCloud app for Windows

Apple And Microsoft Working Together: iCloud App Available On Microsoft Store

The top two tech industry rivals, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT ) have apparently collaborated together and have come up with a new exciting iCloud app on the Microsoft Store. It is a...
andy rubin essential phone

Andy Rubin May Surprise You With A New Essential Phone, Soon!

Andy Rubin, the co-creator of Android OS and Founder & CEO of Essential, has teased an upcoming company announcement in one of the most unconventional ways ever. He essentially teased it by replying to a Twitter thread...
Maclaren Microsoft flagship phone

Microsoft Flagship Phone That Never Got To See The Light Of Day

Mclaren; the word most of us would associate with cars. Surprisingly, it was also the codename for the Microsoft flagship phone that was never released. While there has not been any talk about the unreleased phone for...
top ranking on Google SEO

Top Ranking On Google: Has AI Killed SEO?

Achieving a top ranking on Google has been the utmost priority of SEO experts. Google is constantly changing the way web pages are ranked on its search result pages. To stay more unpredictable, yet relevant, to avoid...
huawei Android os

Google Showing A Sign Of Anxiety As Huawei To Launch Own OS?

Within a few days of revoking Android license for Huawei, Google believes that Android should be exempted from the ban. Indeed, it's quite surprising, and a welcome move considering the fact that restricting Huawei from using Android...
no Facebook on Huawei devices

No More Facebook On Huawei Devices Now!

Yes, you read it right; Don't be surprised if you don't find Facebook apps on Huawei devices pre-installed.The challenge for Huawei, due to the ongoing trade war between the US and China, appears...
Uber Ola electric vehicles

Uber And Ola To Receive A New Mandate in India: Go Electric!

India aims to enable taxi aggregators, such as Uber and Ola to turn 40% of their vehicle inventory into electric cars by April 2026, according to a study and government conference papers addressing new safety travel laws....
Annual Growth in PayPal Cross-Border Payment Volume

Annual Growth in PayPal Cross-Border TPV Share

The above graph represents the annual growth in PayPal cross border TPV (total payment volume). In 2018, 19% of PayPal's TPV (Total Payment Volume) was generated through cross-border transactions, where the merchant and consumer...
apple valuation down

Apple’s Valuation Could Tank Drastically: But Tim Cook Doesn’t Seem Anxious

The escalating tension between the US and China could have adverse effects on Apple's valuation. As much as that the world's third most valued company could lose one-third of its valuation if the dust doesn't settle soon.
download iPhone apps

The iPhone Apps You Should Download RIGHT NOW!

Apple recently revealed that the company is very close to achieving the much-awaited milestone of having 1 billion active iPhone users on the planet. While there is no official confirmation on the exact number of iPhone users...
free NEFT RTGS india

NEFT, RTGS Are Free Now: No More Charges On Online Fund Transfer

In a major reform by RBI, all online payment transfers done through NEFT or RTGS are made charge-free. It means that millions of online banking users in India, who indulge in NEFT or RGTS payment transfers actively,...

Apple to allow ‘highly invasive’ technology in apps?

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has always been lauded for the continual and consistent focus on the privacy matters over the years. However, things seem to be changing recently. Apple has just issued updates on a technology that was...
PayPal Transaction Revenue by Year

PayPal Transaction Revenue by Year

The above graph represents PayPal transaction revenue by year. In fiscal 2018, PayPal generated about $13,709 million ($13.7 billion) in revenue from the transactions completed on its Payments Platform. That's a notable 19%...

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