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In Spite of Higher Pay Only 19% IT Employees Remain Happy [Report]

Being a part of head over heel technical world a lot of innovations and new products bombard the market round the year, it is imperative to thank those amazing engineering minds for their creations. Technology and innovation dwells in...

Happy Birthday Narayana Murthy: The Father of Indian IT Industry

The sky is the limit for passionate achievers. Today, Indian IT industry has reached a new phase and indeed has undergone transformations since 1980. One of the significant accomplishments had been the establishment of Infosys and amazing energy invested...

Happy Birthday Satya Nadella: An Inspirational Leader Yet Lifelong Learner

Growth is constant and indeed it is been the law of nature and mother earth is been evident of this fact. Learning is one of the means to attain growth, development, and welfare. Keeping learning as a passion more...

Happy B’Day Sky Dayton: The Sky is No Limit for Your Perception

“Necessity is the mother of invention”, this famous proverb portrays that a need, no matter how big or small, is the primary driving force behind most new inventions. Likewise, EarthLink, the internet service provider, came into existence when a...

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When Uber charged Rs 3,000 for 45km ride from Delhi Airport to Noida

The skyrocketing price of app-baed cab booking service providers is leaving customers baffled. A recent bill from Uber may...
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