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An engineer by education, a researcher by passion and analyst by profession. Love to indulge in music and books at leisure with a steaming cup of coffee. Expect few mind-boggling facts from me.
Global smartphone sales Q2 2015

Global Smartphone Sales Recorded The Slowest Growth In Q2 2015 [REPORT]

Smartphones have become an integral part of today’s life. Hourly updates have become a routine, users check their smartphone at least 150 times in a...
Mobile Messaging apps usage in US

36% Smartphone Owners Use Messaging Apps, Women Prefer Auto-Delete Apps [REPORT]

In the wake of the second decade of this new millennium, an online presence has become more than necessary. Several platforms are available to...

The Revival of Apple iPhone: Android Smartphones Facing Heat

Apple iPhone was launched in Europe on Nov 9, 2007. The locked sim model which was then popular with Apple caused controversies and legal...

Diversity in Newsrooms: Still A Major Concern

In the mid-1960s, a major civil unrest broke in the United States gaining a nationwide coverage. This was sparked by the unequal treatment of...
adoption of ad blocks

The Growing Adoption of Ad Blocks: $22 Billion To Be Lost In 2015 [REPORT]

Advertisements have become an integral part of many online businesses today. Ads act as a fixed source of revenue for almost all the major...

The Impact Of Facebook on South East Asia Market Is Far Greater Than One...

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has expanded to almost all the corners of the world today. With a humble beginning from a dorm room in 2004,...
search engine market spend Q2 2015

Search Engine Marketing Spend Q2 2015: Yahoo! Bing Winning Advertisers’ Trust

With search engines playing a major role in present times, it has become quite important for the advertiser to understand the market trends and...
facebook cpm

Facebook CPM and CPI On The Rise: What Advertisers Must Know [REPORT]

Before you start searching for the secret sauce which is important achieve optimised Facebook CPM and CPI, let's first have a look at why...
Facebook vs YouTube

The Claim That Facebook Is Beating YouTube In Video Views Is Misleading ?

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) had introduced a feature in the last quarter of 2006; sharing content (pics, video, news, blogs, etc.) from across the web....
Worldwide PC shipments Q2 2015

Worldwide PC Shipments Q2 2015: Apple Got A Secret Sauce

The personal computer (PC) industry celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2015. Back in the early days, PC was considered to be a highly technical device...
content consumption pattern in US

Global Mobile Shopping Industry to Grow by 32% In 2016 [REPORT]

The billowing of eCommerce having changed shopping habits is no secret. With eCommerce stated to cross $2.489 trillion by 2018 (excluding travel and event ticketing) and...
stakeholders of google

Why Are The Stakeholders of Google Inc. (GOOGL) So Unhappy?

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) was started as a research project by two graduate students at Stanford back in 1995. It was a pioneer in the...

45% Of Email Marketing Clicks Are Through Mobile [REPORT]

One of the greatest revolutions in mobile history was brought in the year 1999 with the introduction of email on mobile devices. Nokia 9000...

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