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LG G2 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy Mega: Is Big Really Beautiful When It Comes Down To Smartphones?

What are the basic parameters that you have in mind when you’re buying a smartphone? Are they factors like price, features, camera quality, screen size, optimal performance or overall device size? Does the size of a phone really affect...

Google Motorola Moto X: Hello Moto or Hell No Moto ?

Almost two years after Google’s announcement that it would acquire Motorola Mobility making it the largest acquisition (worth $12.5 billion) by Google ever, the company has rolled out its latest offering in the fiercely competitive smartphone market -the Motorola Moto...

Top 5 Tablets In India, Available In The Rs. 20k Price Range [August 2013]

When you talk about top 5 Tablets in India, it's always pegged to how deep is your pocket. Few months back we showcased budget Tablets, available in india under 10k. As the tablet market is picking up and people...

5 Best Android Smartphones In India Available Under Rs. 15K

Many times in life you are faced towards the task of taking some tough decision(s); and to add to this, a certain set of conditions - likes of best Android phone under 15K - are also imposed only to make...

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When Uber charged Rs 3,000 for 45km ride from Delhi Airport to Noida

The skyrocketing price of app-baed cab booking service providers is leaving customers baffled. A recent bill from Uber may...
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