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Why Is Elon Musk Net Worth Skyrocketing Like Never Before!

Yesterday, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk dethroned Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and claimed the title of world’s richest person, all thanks to the unprecedented surge in Tesla’s stock price in a record time.

Facebook Is All Set To Release Their Smart Glasses, But There’s A Catch!

Since moving away from the brand Oculus and rebranding their AR and VR initiatives under the banner of Facebook Reality Labs, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new consumer wearable - smart glasses which would arrive in 2021.

Tata Group Places Huge Bet On E-Commerce Gameplan: Plans To Invest Rs 3,500 Crores In Tata Cliq!

Tata Group is gearing up to dominate the digital front by placing bets on e-commerce led growth! According to the latest news, the Tata Group is planning to invest a whopping ₹3,500 crores in Tata...

India Unplugged: Internet Shutdowns Leads To $2.7 Billion In Losses!

Despite the Indian Government incessantly pushing the agenda of creating a ‘Digital India’ wherein all citizens are encouraged to go cashless, a recent study revealed a grim truth about the country. According to UK-based...

Tata-BigBasket Deal Accelerates: Tata SuperApp To Be Here Soon!

In August 2020, the Tata Group announced that they are working on a super-app, a move likely to lock horns with the offerings of Jio umbrella.  Two months later, as part of their ambitious...

Post-COVID, SMBs To Now Face Build vs Buy Dilemma For Digitisation!

Small retailers and businesses survived the global pandemic that plagued 2020 on the back of rapid digitisation by relying on platforms which helped them power e-commerce, deploy touchless payments and so much more.  But,...

Amazon-Owned Startup Reveals New Autonomous Vehicle: The Future Of Ride-Hailing?

After Google’s Waymo Project and UberATG, the recent contender in the autonomous vehicle space makes it evident that the driverless future will be upon us quicker than we anticipate! Who is it? Let’s find out.

New Year’s Eve: Zomato, Swiggy Reports Biggest Surge In Online Food Ordering Ever!

Restaurants, one of the worst-hit sectors by COVID-19, saw an overwhelming surge in online food orders on the new year’s eve. All thanks to food delivery platforms Swiggy and Zomato. On Friday, Deepinder Goyal,...

COVID-led Surged Demand For Wired Broadband Here To Stay In 2021?

While most mammoth industries such as retail, hospitality and aviation were crippled by COVID-19, the telecom industry boomed exponentially during the pandemic. In India, the telecom sector’s growth was mainly driven by fixed-line broadband...

Future Retail Wants to Fast Track Deal With Reliance: Writes To SEBI For Clearance!

Tired of being stuck between rock and a hard place, Future Retail wants to fast track their deal with Reliance Retail. The Kishore Biyani owned retail enterprise recently wrote to the Securities and Exchange...

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Trump Administration Has Landed Its Final Blow On Chinese Companies: Xiaomi Blacklisted!

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Huawei Is Gunning For Acquiring A Fifth Of Android’s Userbase With Its Own HarmonyOS!

After Google’s ban on Huawei in 2019, the Chinese-origin tech company is all set to roll out HarmonyOS later in 2021 as...