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A full-time data scientists and a part-time industry analyst; still learning power of effective presentation and firm believer of the thought "Numbers are always magical". Love to be in the network of people who 'know' how to respect their time and keep others engaged in meaningful activities.
job satisfaction

LinkedIn Reveals: Higher The Salary, Higher Is The Stress [STUDY]

The techno-economic spectrum today witnesses a whirlwind change in the walk of life. A high-paid job, with flexible working hours and all the perks...
malicious ad blockers

20 Million Users Installed Malicious Ad Blockers from Google Chrome Store

The increasing number of internet users have created a big opportunity window for advertisers and publishers. Google has sensed the opportunity at the very...
IoT Security

Hackers Accessed Casino’s High-Roller Database Through A Fish Tank

In the era of mobile devices and the internet, the increasing dependency of businesses on emerging technologies is not surprising enough. Companies are not...
number of truecaller users

The Number Of Truecaller Users: 100 Million Daily Active Users, And Growing

Truecaller, a mobile number identification app has achieved the milestone of 100 million daily active users (DAUs), the company has announced today. The company...
Microsoft Linux OS brad MCU

Microsoft Announces A New OS, And It’s Not Based On Windows

No one can ever imagine Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) without Windows, especially when it comes to developing an operating system (OS). But, looks like the...
Twitter marketing by bots

Is Twitter Marketing A Fad: Bots Tweet 66% Of Links To Top Websites [STUDY]

Twitter marketing may be one of the most sought-after social media marketing strategies among all leading brands, the recent study raises many questions. According...
increase Facebook reach

Facebook Needs Years To Fix Itself Completely, Says Zuckerberg

Facebook needs to fix itself and fix it fast!Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is in hot waters like never before. Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder and CEO,...
amazon to acquire Flipkart

Amazon Wants To Acquire Flipkart To Counter Walmart in India

The eCommerce industry in India is finally hearing for consolidation as all the major players have set their eyes on the lion's share of the...
choose a POS system

Choosing A Right POS System Is Essential For Business Success

Regardless of which industry you’re part of, some type of point-of-sale (POS) system is going to be a critical aspect of your daily business...
Google URL Shortener shutting down

Google URL Shortener Is Shutting Down: What You Must Do

Google URL shortener is one of the widely used and popular tools for publishers, marketing and branding agencies. Despite, Google has decided to shut...
bad marketing practices

Misguided Practices that Can Ruin Any Marketing Campaign

Most small business owners don’t like to focus on the negative. After all, to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to have a vision....
job crisis in india

Unprecedented Job Crisis in India: 1 Lakh Posts, 2 Crore Applicants And Counting

While a section and sector of India is busy enjoying its glooming lifestyle and increasing earning potential, job crisis in India is deepening. This is...
Mark Zuckerberg resigns

Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg And Resignation: Too Much Too Early?

The Cambridge Analytica incident has raised many questions on the data security measures Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has taken so far. Facebook finds itself in hot...
marketing tactics for entrepreneurs

Three Marketing Tactics Every Budding Entrepreneur Must Employ

As an entrepreneur, the art of marketing is at the forefront of your strategy. To grow, you need to employ thorough marketing tactics towards...
stats and facts about uber

Uber: 39 Facts About The Most Controversial Yet Most Valued Startup

Uber is world's most valued startup having a valuation soaring to $72 billion in February 2018. Despite all hullabaloo, that company has gone through...
consumers personalized experience

Brands Fail to Deliver On Their Promise of Personalisation From Collected Consumers’ Data [STUDY]

In the era of internet and smartphone where 'Data' is dubbed as 'New Oil', almost every brand is trying to capture as much data as...

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