How Tech Can Make Your Business More Customer Friendly

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Tech has become an essential tool for businesses to be able to do almost anything at all, and when it comes to making your business more customer friendly, it can certainly help. The key is not to do too much – that can just end up being confusing and put people off. 

You’ll need to think carefully about what’s going to work for your business and what will help your customers the most. Start small and work up to more when you know that it’s a good idea. Plus, this will help with your budget. With that in mind, read on to find out more about the type of technology you can use in your business to make it more customer friendly. 

Online Ordering 

Online ordering is something that more and more customers are actively looking for. When you’re able to offer online ordering, it means the customer won’t have to physically leave their home to buy from you, giving them all the convenience they might want. When you offer this service, you make it easier for people to choose to use your business over and above someone else, meaning you’ll not only make your customers happy, but you’ll make more profit too. 

Plus, when you have an online ordering system in place, you can reduce errors in the business. If a human being were to take an order, there is a chance a mistake could be made. With an online ordering system, this won’t happen, so your customer satisfaction will rise, and your business reputation will grow. 

Playing Music 

If you have a physical store (perhaps as well as an online one) or a café, or anywhere that customers go to buy from, it can be a good idea to use technology to play music for them. When you use music streaming services for business you know you have all the right licenses to enable you to play music legally, plus you’ll have the right technology to do it seamlessly – you’ll even be able to make your own playlists that match the ambiance you’re going for. 

Music in a store or restaurant can set the tone and the mood, helping your customers feel more relaxed and even getting them to stay for longer. The longer they are with you, the more they can spend, and even if they don’t buy anything else, they’ll have good things to say about how comfortable your premises are. 

Personalized Messaging 

Personalized messaging is another way that technology can help your business become more customer friendly. When you can offer personalized messaging and communication, you can stay in contact with your customers on a more personal level. Personalized messaging isn’t just about using their name to get their attention (although this will help); you can use it to give them special discounts and offers on the things they are most likely to buy or to recommend things they might like. 

One way to do this is to use their data (legally collected data – this is something you must learn about)  to send targeted emails and newsletters. If you have an app, you can send notifications through that as well. This not only gives your customers more information, but it shows you care about their interests and what they might like as well. 


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