Is LinkedIn the Most Important Social Media Platform for B2B Companies?

The networking platform is hugely influential for B2B companies. Find out the benefits of using LinkedIn as a B2B company here.

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LinkedIn has always had a reputation for being the business person’s social media platform, but its full potential hasn’t been appreciated until recent years. The networking platform, for example, is hugely influential for B2B companies, and the platform appears to have leaned into that, offering an array of marketing features to help them out. Find out the benefits of using LinkedIn as a B2B company here.

It has the best marketing tools

LinkedIn was built from the ground up to be a B2B social media platform, and as social media developed into the best way to market, so did LinkedIn’s marketing tools. You can pursue just about any means of digital marketing, including single image, video, text, carousel, spotlight, follower, and content adverts. Plus, the other half of LinkedIn is professionals looking for work, so even job ads are in the mix, where they aren’t elsewhere. Sure, you can post a job ad on Facebook and Instagram, but it’s a much simpler and less involved or informed process for industries that are famed for entry level work. 

There are also concepts like LinkedIn’s Sponsored Messaging Ads, that was once InMail, that would allow you to contact another user without restriction, allowing you to reach out for a professional discussion. This can be very useful for B2B businesses looking to make connections. You can better manage the results of your communications on LinkedIn with social media analytics from Oktopost.

It trims the audience fat

The thing about a B2B audience is that a lot of them could just be there out of curiosity. B2B and B2C audiences aren’t mutually exclusive. Customers watch Shark Tank, they want to know what Elon Musk is doing, they listen to the advice that entrepreneur influencers hand out, all merely out of curiosity. It’s why small business influencers, hustle influencers, business advice influencers and industry expert influencers all build their following.

But unfortunately, curiosity is where this audience ends. They might take some advice on board, but they’re not likely to take up B2B brands on their offers of products and software if they’re not planning on pursuing their place in the industry.

LinkedIn eliminates all that. Those people are on Instagram and TikTok, entertaining themselves and then moving on to the next trending topic. LinkedIn is about action. You’re there to interact with people who are also looking for action, rather than passively absorbing your content.

Turn every employee into a brand ambassador

LinkedIn automatically turns every member of your team into a brand ambassador. Whatever they post, it reflects on you as a company. You can have them post about highlights of the job or the products and get more buzz going, or simply strengthen your brand with anecdotes about the workplace.

Even better, LinkedIn offers courses in LinkedIn Learning. You can sign your entire team up and oversee the work, or simply allow someone in the team to expand their skill set. And with every course they can post on their profiles that they are learning and experienced in different skills. 


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