The Cycle Frontier: What To Sell, Keep & How To Sell?

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The Cycle Frontier is a single-shooter game launched only last year (2022). It has gained immense popularity within a very short period, with thousands of players playing it daily. 

With so many items available, you may find it difficult to decide which items to sell and what to keep for future use if you’re new to the game.

In this article, we’ll make it easier for you to decide what to Sell and keep. We’ll also guide you on how to sell your items in the faction market. 

Let’s get started!

What to Sell?

Knowing what purpose an item serves will help you decide on the items to sell or keep in the Cycle Frontier.  

When you sell your items, you increase your reputation towards the faction where you sold them. The more your reputation increases, the more items you unlock in that faction’s shop. Having more items can prove useful at later stages of the game.   

Here is a list of a few items you should look to sell.

  • Spare Materials

If you have spare materials, selling them off will make great sense. Also, materials like hardened Metals are abundant, so you won’t have to worry about their availability later. However, keeping a single stack of items with you is always good, just in case you need them for quests or crafting.

  • Ores

One of the first items you should look to sell is ores. Four kinds of ore  Nickel, Veltecite, Focus Crystal, and Titan Ore, can be found in Fortuna III. Also, there are abundant ores available for you to mine. 

The Dig Site and the area around East Caverns are rich in nickel mining nodes, while Veltecite mining nodes can be found near the base of a waterfall.

  • Titan Ore mining nodes, on the other hand, are commonly found around Abandoned Mine areas and the Dig Site.

Focus Crystals are the most valuable and thus fetch the highest price. It’s, however, found only in the jungle, not the safest place for new players to venture.

  • Drop from Enemies

Five monsters are found in Fortuna III: Crushers, Rattlers, Ticks, Marauders,  and Striders. These monsters attack once they find a player anywhere in the vicinity. Once you kill these monsters, they will drop a part of their body. You can gather these materials and sell them off. You will earn K-Marks and a reputation for each material sold. The marks you earn and the reputation you get would depend on the monster’s strength and the drop. 

Crushers are the strongest monsters in the game, so they will fetch the highest K-Marks for you. For example, each piece of Crusher’s Head (Legendary) sells for 97,310 K-Marks and grants 973 Reputation. 

What to Keep?

There are a few items in the game that are very extremely rare. You would do well to keep them with you at any cost. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • Co-Tec Multitool
  • Meteor Fragment
  • Zero System CPU
  • Biological Sampler
  • Strider Hear

Also, certain items like Brightcap Mushroom, Optic Glass, Textiles, Altered Nickel, Circuit Board, and Resin Gun can come in handy for missions or crafting recipes. So, you would be better off not selling these items.

How To Sell?

Once you have decided what to sell, it’s time to sell those items. This section of the article will guide you on How to sell your items.

Factions are where you can sell off your items. When you head to one of the faction offices, you will find that you can both buy as well as sell your items.  

When you select the sell items tab at the top, you will see different K-marks for each item. It provides information about the K-marks you will earn for selling your items. The K-Marks act as a currency that you can use to buy new items. 

Alternatively, you can sell your items in exchange for faction points. It’s worth noting that an item, once sold, can’t be refunded or repurchased.

To Sum Up

Knowing what items to keep and what to sell is important as knowing how to play the game. It will ensure that you have the items you need to last longer in the game and dispose of the ones you have in surplus or are abundantly available. You earn K-Marks in return, with which you can buy items that you think are important to you, like new gear, for example.  

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