After Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Google layoff over 12,000 employees in 2023

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The global recession is no more knowing the doors, it’s already inside the house now. The announcements and reports of layoffs by tech giants, one after another, has started creating a panic among employees and job seekers. After Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, it’s time for Google’s parent company Alphabet which has decided to trim down its global workforce.

The company, on January 20, announced the layoff would affect as many as 12,000 employees, or 6% of its global workforce. The internet giant has nearly 200,000 employees worldwide.

Taking the full responsibility of the decision, CEO Sundar Pichai expressed regret that led him to such a hard decision. However, he assured that all support would be provided to affected employees in regard to finding their next opportunity.

The job cuts at Google (Alphabet) will not impact only one particular departure though. Employees from the recruitment, corporate functions, engineering and products teams will be affected from the decision.

However, just like other tech giants, Pichai has also offered a slew of benefits and supports to affected employees to keep the impact as soft as possible. Besides 16 weeks salary pus two weeks of every year they spent at Google, they will also be entitled for 2022 bonuses and 6 months of healthcare benefit. On top of that, job placement services, and immigration support would also be extended to them from the company side.

The announcement is made after Reuters recently reported that Google is gearing up for the launch of new performance management system and deferring a portion of year-end bonus for a sizeable share of employees.

The eligible employees will receive 80% of the bonus in advance, while the rest will be paid in coming months.

Just a day back, Microsoft announced the layoff of 10,000 employees. Amazon and Meta has already started the workforce trimming process. Apple, so far, hasn’t decided out announced any layoff.


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