iMind Reviews in India: The Only Video Conferencing Solution You’ll Ever Need

Finding the best tool for video interviews and remote working is not an easy task especially when the market is flooded with many options. According to the latest estimation, the global video conferencing market is estimated to be as big as worth $6.37 billion by 2026, clocking 9.8% CAGR.

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Some of the most sought-after IT-professionals in the world are from India. The country has emerged as a global factory of tech minds in a fairly short period of time. As Covid-19 had impacted India as badly as many other countries, the pandemic caused the industry to revisit its working style and adopt many reforms that were never welcomed and appreciated by the tech companies. As a result, even after the country is out of the grip of the pandemic, the culture of remote working as well as the use of video interviews has become a common practice nowadays.

Although the market is flooded with many tools required to implement remote working as well as video conferencing, there are very few that live up to the expectations of companies as well as employees.

iMind as a well-known video conferencing platform has earned a lot of reviews from its users especially those who use it to chat for business. iMind makes it easier to host video meetings. Without downloading an app, you can simply choose your URL and initiate your meeting using your internet browser all in one click from either a mobile device or desktop.

What Makes iMind Different from Other Platforms

iMind makes it possible to hold a meeting of up to 40 hours free of charge. One thing that makes iMind stand out as a seamless platform to use is that it doesn’t require that you download software or install any hardware to participate in a meeting. Just your browser and authorization from the conference moderator on clicking a meeting link get you started.

What Edge Does iMind Have Over Its Competitors?

Though iMind might share similarities with Google meet but there are salient features that give it an edge over other video conferencing platforms. These features include visual login in the waiting room, authorization without the use of passwords, simultaneous screen sharing and many more.

What Are The Features of iMind?

iMind platform has a lot of features that can make Web Conferencing seamless and worthwhile. The web conferencing features are:

  • background noise suppression;
  • volume setup for participants;
  • one click participation;
  • concurrent screen sharing;
  • personal data and call encryption;
  • one-time code in replacement for passwords;
  • video recording;
  • multiple concurrent video recordings.

The following features make it possible for iMind to deliver seamless video conferencing solutions and at the same time ensure convenience and security are prioritized.

What Problems Does iMind Solve?

Based on numerous user reviews, iMind has provided solutions that other video conference platforms have failed to do. These solutions can be itemized under the following points. They are:

  • a good free plan;
  • it makes working remotely hassle-free;
  • it has a User-friendly and easy-to-use interface (easy navigation, inviting people, managing multiple people on a single call)
  • simultaneous screen sharing. This makes collaboration easy;
  • video recording for meetings;
  • good video and audio quality;
  • saves you the space of downloading an app;
  • allows you to have confidential and stable meetings.

The numerous features of the iMind platform have earned it a lot of positive reviews against its competitors. 

Why iMind is The Solution for Indian IT-businesses?

iMind video conferencing platform is impossible not to enjoy as it improves on some features other video conferencing platforms have giving it an edge over other existing widely known and widely used platforms. One striking feature of iMind that makes it stand out amongst other platforms is that it has noise suppression functionality. So, it automatically provides an environment for participants to have meetings without worrying so much about how serene their environment is. Comfort and functionality are exactly what businesses and employees in India are looking for.

According to the latest estimation, the global video conferencing market is estimated to be as big as worth $6.37 billion by 2026, clocking 9.8% CAGR.


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