Elon Musk is bombarded with complaints on his single tweet

Elon Musk is bombarded with replies on his tweet asking users about their complaints. There were over 84,000 replies including many cringy and funny ones that might have stunned Musk, the new owner of Twitter.

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One must always be mindful of what he wishes for; this also applies to the world’s richest person. On Wednesday, Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk invited users to send him complaints about the platform. However, little did he know that Twitter users were waiting to bombard him with many complaints. 

The billionaire entrepreneur tweeted, “Complaint hotline operator on-line!” to his 115 million followers. “Please leave your comments below.”

Around 83,000 tweets were posted within hours. They included many thoughtful suggestions, gripes, memes, and borderline lunacy about various Twitter-related topics. However, there were also a few irrelevant topics that made it through.

The most common issues addressed in the replies were related to Twitter verification, which has become more confusing with every passing day, the new account suspension policy, and requests for new features.

Many people asked for a dislike button, and others for a redesign. Few requested the return of Fleets, Twitter’s brief-lived attempt to compete with Instagram Stories and Snapchat. A few tried to mock his tweet by asking how to open a jar with mayonnaise stuck to the lid and how to fix a receding hairline.

Perhaps, it was unexpected for Musk, who claims to be swamped with tasks and working 120 hours a week, to strike a balance between his five other ventures and newly bought Twitter. 

Musk, who recently purchased Twitter for $44B, has only responded to one of the replies. It is a remarkable feat, considering he is responsible for managing four more large companies with thousands of employees and billions of revenue.

Instead of replying to every complaint, Musk decided to address them with a single tweet. He tweeted, “Please notice that Twitter will do many dumb things in the coming months. We will keep the good stuff and change what doesn’t.”

It’s just the second week since Musk took control of Twitter and started calling shots. However, his aggressive working style has attracted criticism, mainly after he laid off 50% of the Twitter workforce. The move has reportedly resulted in many unforeseen challenges for Musk, who is now trying to hire back some of those he fired last week.


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