Tim Cook Statement Hints That Apple Devices Are Not For Everyone!

iPhone is, perhaps, the most alluring device for people. However, in a bit surprising move, Tim Cook has hinted that iPhone and iPad are not only meant for those users who spend their time with endless and mindless social scrolling.

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For years Apple has been surprising everyone, especially its critics when it comes to the market performance of Apple devices. Be it sales, revenue, or profit garnered by these iPhones or iPad, Apple has been raising bars with each passing year and giving its closest competitors a run for their money.

However, the latest statement from Tim Cook, CEO – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), has left many surprised. Some smartphone users who always wonder “why people buy Apple devices” or “who should buy iPhone” will finally have an answer.

In an interview with Bustle, a popular journal focused on Health and Wellness, Tim Cook expressed his concern about the endless, mindless scrolling that most mobile device users are engaged with nowadays. The increasing use of technology by social media companies that inspires such activity to a great degree remained at the target for Tim Cook.

The interview included a lot of discussion about Apple’s backing of Shine – the app created to tackle social stigmas associated with mental health issues. 

It is “another impressive illustration of how technology can be used to enhance the lives of people,” according to Cook. 

In the conversation, Cook declared that “mental well-being is an ongoing problem” in addition to stating that he tries to manage the pressures of daily life as Apple’s CEO through meditation and “being out in the nature and feeling so small on the planet.

Speaking about the internet and technology dependency, Cook repeated a claim that he made before when he declared that “technology is meant to serve humanity and not vice versa”, and he is concerned about people who use technology too much. Cook emphasized the statement that Apple’s mission is to help those who need help.

Who should buy Apple devices and why?

The views of Tim Cook also hint at what type of users Apple wants to target for its devices and what activities Apple wants its users to engage with most of the time on these devices. It’s quite clear that Tim expects a lot more – rather much different – from all those users who buy an Apple iPhone or iPad only for communication purposes or spend a lot of time on social media using Apple devices.

Aza Raskin, the inventor of the infinity scroll system in social networks, said in 2019 that he was “so sad” about his creation and regretted the damage it has caused to the world. The reason he came up with the concept was to create the “most smooth experience for users“; however, it’s become an attempt to “keep them on the web to the maximum extent is possible.”

In a nutshell, if you are one of the ones who buy Apple devices tagged at the exorbitant price only to flaunt or use social media, the message to you from none other than the CEO of Apple is clear. The question is, are you able to read that hidden between the line?


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