7 Ways Big Data is Changing the Gaming Industry

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As you probably have seen in recent years, the gaming industry has reached monumental levels in terms of growth, and there’s no stopping in the near future. Hence, it’s no surprise when the world is witnessing all the leading gaming businesses embracing big data to its fullest potential because, why not? Because of big data, the gaming industry has provided its users with such a personalized level of experience and worked out what type of advertisements are working out for what type of audience.

All of this has together helped the businesses garner more engagement on their social media channels. In fact, if you open the best online casino right now and have a smooth gaming experience, you’ll know that it’s because of big data integration.

7 Benefits of Big Data in Gaming

If we list the benefits of big data, it’s going to be a pretty long list, so here, we are only going to focus on seven main ways in which it has impacted the gaming world specifically.

Better Gaming Experience

There is a huge amount of data in the gaming universe. Starting from the feedback that’s collected through social media to customer information received at the point of sale, it’s a pretty hefty percentage to deal with. This vast information storage is like a gold mine to both game network operators and individual developers. Big data can help you with handling this data so that you can find out things like who the user prefers competing against or how long they usually stay online and then customize the experience to meet their expectations. 

Improves Gamer Engagement

Boosting player engagement is something that every gaming company wants, and big data can help you with that too. In fact, the type of interaction the gamer is having with the game is a make-or-break deal. If good word gets around about your game, your sales can skyrocket within a few days. Big data gives you useful analytics. For example, let’s say it shows that most players are quitting the game after reaching a certain level because they are meeting a tough opponent – this is only causing your game to become less popular. So, you can tweak the character’s power level so that players can now cross that level into the next and continue with the game. This will increase gamer retention.

Increases In-Game Revenue

In-game products are a huge part of how a gaming company makes money. The targeting efficiency of your campaigns can be increased with big data analytics, and thus, you can enhance your revenue. In fact, you can then develop several upselling opportunities whereby you can provide players with items they need to purchase if they want to advance on the levels in the game quickly and faster than their opponents.

Gives You Better Gamer Insight

The nature of the gamer is extremely important for developers because the type of gamer playing your game will determine how else you can make changes to make your product even more popular and viral. Big data sources can give you knowledge about your gamers’ social media activity, computer cookies, data from external and internal surveys, and so on. This will give you a better understanding of what changes you probably should bring in.

Smarter Audience Targeting

We are sure that you have come across popular gaming ads while scrolling across social media or probably watching a video, haven’t you? All of this has been possible because of the advent of big data analytics. Recommendation systems have become much more nuanced and highly sensitive to customer/audience behavior. This has helped the gaming companies attract the right audience who would be interested in their games.

Data-Driven Innovation

With all this amount of data within reach, the gaming industry can enhance its R&D, which has often led to the development of better games with even better features.

Enhanced Business Operations

Until now, you have witnessed the customer side of how big data has influenced the gaming industry. But even if you consider the business itself, big data has transformed the industry by optimizing business processes. When the operations run smoothly, there is greater customer satisfaction, and the business can avoid potential losses.


Game development companies are always processing huge amounts of data and now, with so much advancement happening almost every day, it’s only a matter of time before there is some huge leveling up of the industry as a whole.


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