Breaking The barrier: Samsung Smartphone with 200MP Camera to change market equations

The first smartphone with a 200MP camera sensor could be launched by Samsung. The Korean electronics giant has not upgraded its camera sensor since the launch of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the company is now gearing up for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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Late last year, Samsung announced the first Smartphone with 200MP smartphone camera sensor. Although such a powerful particular sensor has not yet been made available on any smartphone, it seems that a better version of it could make a debut soon. A new report by South Korean publication ETNews claims that Samsung is gearing up for the announcement of a smartphone with a 200MP camera sensor which has a better and improved version of the sensor. However, the updated and upgraded 200MP sensor is not ready yet, but the Korean smartphone giant is at the final stage of completion and may introduce it in a future flagship smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in 2023.

Both the divisions of Samsung, Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications and Electro-Mechanics, are said to be close completing to complete the updated version as soon as possible. The updated version would be called the ISOCELL HP3, which is reportedly in the final stage of completion.

At present, however, it’s not known what improvements and enhancements would be introduced with ISOCELL HP3. But what we know for sure is that the new 200-megapixels sensor is one of the most powerful sensors that would be introduced in smartphones. The manufacturing responsibility will be shared by both divisions, with the mobile division being responsible for 30% and the Electro-Mechanics section taking care of the majority with the remaining 70%.

In 2020, Samsung introduced Galaxy S20 Ultra with 108MP camera sensor, which is the most advanced camera sensor introduced by the Korean electronics giant to date. The company retained the same camera with the Galaxy S21 Ultra launched in the following year. People were quite confident about Samsung raising the bar with a more powerful camera sensor with Galaxy S22 Ultra but they were disappointed when Galaxy S22 Ultra was introduced with the same 108MP sensor.

Samsung is a leader in the megapixel race and has been dominating the market for years. However, it could be looking to increase its megapixel count in 2023. It could give new life to its flagship line of smartphones with a 200MP camera sensor and widen the gap with its arch-rival Apple. The iPhone market is still sticking with a 12MP camera but is expected to launch iPhone 14 Pro with 48MP camera late this year.

All said and done, a lot many things are still in the early stages of the process so don’t be surprised if any other smartphone will debut with the new ISOCELL HP3. However, at this stage, most likely it will be Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Keep in mind that anything could happen when information is at rumours stage. We will hopefully get more information over the coming months, which will give us a better view of Samsung’s future plans. Whatever be the case, the new smartphone with 200MP camera sensor is about to change the game. Will it also change the market equations, only the time will tell!



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