Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker: Take your Meeting Room Experience to A Whole New Level

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Sennheiser is the premier choice for audio technology that facilitates collaboration, learning, and innovation. The company has been actively launching path-breaking products for years to cement its domination. Today, they announced yet another product called TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, catering to the SMBs and Enterprise segment. The product is certified for Microsoft Teams, which makes it more appealing to prospective users.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is designed to facilitate smart and focused inclusive meetings. It can be used to support up to 10 participants, regardless of whether they are present in person or remotely.

The company has paid attention to every aspect of the product to make users’ experience more jubilant. The omnidirectional speaker covers a radius of 3.5m and has seven integrated beamforming microphones for exceptional sound quality. Microsoft Teams uses this Intelligent speaker to provide a real-time meeting transcript. It also identifies the individuals by speaking their names if they have enrolled their voices. This is designed to provide an inclusive meeting experience even for those who have challenges with low sound hearing.

“Sennheiser’s industry-leading TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone and TruVoicelift are well-known. This new addition to the TeamConnect family gives us an opportunity to expand into a larger meeting room at a cost that many might not expect from Sennheiser,” Mridul Jain, Director- Sales BizCom at Sennheiser India) said.

The integration with Microsoft Cortana, a virtual personal productivity assistant that helps users save time and focus attention on what matters most, makes the Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker even more adorable. With the help of Cortana voice recognition software and automatic meeting notes it is possible to have inclusive meetings for people who are hard of hearing or join a meeting remotely.

Microsoft Teams users can instantly join Microsoft Teams without touching anything. Once installed, users can save themselves from all of those frustrating moments spent fumbling with conference equipment and spending precious time trying to solve technical problems. The device can impressively understand all the voice commands and respond seamlessly to them. For video conferencing or team meetings, users can control the microphone verbally as the way with the help of Microsoft Cortana voice intelligence.

Microsoft and Sennheiser have combined their efforts to take the Microsoft Teams Room experience to a whole new level. They created a powerful, intelligent product that allows Microsoft Teams users to have an experience of the best audio quality with smart speakers. The TC ISP’s powerful speaker and 7 beamforming mics ensure perfect speech clarity and excellent double-talk performance in all meetings. This omnidirectional microphone is easy to set up and eliminates technical problems. You have more time to collaborate and be productive.

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is easy to install thanks to its multiple mounting options, long cables, and variety of power plug adapters for different countries.

“Video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams have become the communication backbone for many businesses and education institutions,” Albert Kooiman, Senior Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification, said. “The Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker does not only provide excellent meeting room audio but also unlocks the best speech technology. Only Intelligent Speakers offer the best speech transcripts,” he added. 

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a combination of the virtual workspaces of Microsoft Teams and real-world meeting rooms featuring AV equipment from Microsoft hardware partners such as Sennheiser.

The price of Sennheiser TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker starts from INR 49,990.


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