Grover is no longer an employee, founder or a director of the company: BharatPe

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BharatPe is in no mood to go easy on Ashneer Grover who is found to have hands in gloves with his wife and relatives involved in various financial irregularities at BharatPe. On Wednesday, the board has decided to shunt off Grover, who has leveled a series of accusations against BharatPe management and board on public forums, ever since he was sent on leave in January.

Ashneer Grover is no longer an employee, director, or a founder for Resilient Innovative, the company which runs BharatPe. In a hard worded statement, the company has totally distanced itself from Ashneer Grover and doesn’t want to stay associated with him in any way.

On Wednesday, BharatPe revealed that it had discovered that cofounder Ashneer Grover as well as his family members were engaged in a wide-ranging misappropriation of funds. The accusation is leveled based on the findings of the investigation that started in January.

The company has also hinted that it is considering taking legal action against Grover and his family.

BharatPe has officially accused the Grover family of being involved in an act of stealing funds and has swindled funds from the company’s account. The news comes just a few days after Grover abruptly quit BharatPe as well as its Board of directors, saying that investors and board are acting with an agenda of ‘defaming Grover’s character’.

“The company has taken strong objection to Grover spinning lies and hurling baseless allegations and threats. The Grover family and their relatives engaged in extensive misappropriation of company funds, including, but not limited to, creating fake vendors through which they siphoned money away from the company’s account and grossly abused company expense accounts in order to enrich themselves and fund their lavish lifestyles,” BharatPe accused Grover’s family in a strong worded statement.

The board members of BharatPe met on Tuesday night to have a discussion on the results of the PwC investigation and to decide the fate of Ashneer.

The Board members were unpleased with Ashneer attitude and the baseless accusations Grover has made against the company on public forums.

“Grover has apparently rubbed the management on the wrong side and it’s obvious that all the sympathy, if there was any, toward Grover was faded away. The board is now exploring the options now in a bid to give a befitting reply to Ahsneer, as the situation has become out of control,” said one of the individual directly aware about the situation.

“There is sufficient evidence to prove that the money was stolen from the company that links his family members and him to the scam,” said another person who was aware of the conversations, and spoke under the condition of anonymity to ET.

The Board of BharatPe doesn’t seem to be in a mood of settling the issue with Grover anytime soon. The spat has gone from bad to worse, and the statements from Grover have literally killed all the possibility of the board showing any empathy to him or his family.

The board also clarified that Ashneer’s resignation was an act to avoid any discussions related to irregularities under his watch that were to be discussed at the meeting, scheduled for Wednesday.

After Ashneer Grover was informed that some of the findings of the inquiry would be made available before the board members, Grover immediately sent an email message to board members informing them of his resignation while fabricating a false story of what happened to the people, according to BharatPe.

However, while tendering his resignation on March 1, Grover said that he was working on his resignation letter for three days.

“I was clear that I would submit my resignation on Monday.

The BharatPe board is preempting what I’m doing, not the other way around. The board agenda came in at 11:54 pm last night so what preempted the board to hold a meeting at such short notice… The board meeting is at 7:30 pm today,” Grover clarified when he was countered with the latest allegations by BharatPe.


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