Why Buying Scheduling Software Is an Investment, Not an Expense

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As a business owner, one of your main concerns is to rise above your competitors while delivering quality products or services. To achieve that, you require your staff to be happy and feel engaged. One of the easiest and most impacting ways to do this is by creating the perfect schedule, allowing your team to be as productive as possible, while having a schedule that works for them, as it does for you. 

So, if you’re still manually scheduling or using tools such as Excel, then you know the difficulties, errors and sheer amount of time it takes to get your scheduling done. 

But – it doesn’t have to be that way; there’s a much easier way to get your scheduling 100% error-free, effective and even completed quickly! 


Here are just a few things you need to know about scheduling software, and why it’s one of the most important investments for your business.  

Poor Schedules Cost Your Business 

When you are manually scheduling, you could be affecting your profits in ways you may never have thought. For example, if your employee cancels their shift at the last minute, you need to find a replacement and maybe even start your scheduling all over again. You often end up making back and forth phone calls trying to find someone willing to replace the shift (if there’s anyone available at all). 

When you fill the position with a worker who is inexperienced or inadequately trained, you end up with an unhappy worker and, worst of all, unsatisfied customers. On the other hand, if you can’t find an employee to fill the shift, you are left with overworked staff (or a lack of staff) which can result in loss of customers, jobs and profits. 

Choose the Right Scheduling Software

In order to create the perfect schedule, you require software that can keep up with your business. Whether you want to get your work schedule completed quickly, effectively and error-free, or minimize and avoid last minute changes, an employee scheduling app can really help. Apps such as Connecteam offer you error-free, quick and easy scheduling that’s even updated in real-time. You can offer open spots for employees to claim, workers can also send in absence and vacation requests via the app, allowing you to make important changes easily, at the touch of a button.  

When you use an employee scheduling app, you can wave goodbye to errors and hello to saving on money and time. With easy access on both mobile and desktop, you can update schedules from any time, anywhere. 


You also allow your staff to plan their personal lives around their work lives. This causes less stress and more time to make alterations should they need to. Should you find a particular schedule that works for you then:

  • Easily copy and paste
  • Drag and drop 
  • Eliminate scheduling conflicts
  • Avoids double scheduling
  • Add notes, pictures, videos, etc directly onto the shift
  • And so much more.

Scheduling has never been simpler!

Improved Productivity

By choosing scheduling software you not only gain time, but lower your own scheduling-related stresses, allowing you more time to be productive on other important tasks. 

If you have a lot of employees to schedule, employee scheduling software will save you money and time, cutting down your admin workload. Choose a software that allows you to see per calendar month or week, so you can see any issues before they arise, and avoid them completely. 

Better Compliance 

Employee scheduling software can protect your business against potential lawsuits. You can prevent any overtime form occurring, thanks to the in-built time clock feature, as well as smart scheduling.  

Improved Communication

Communication in the workplace is everything and effective communication helps you achieve your goals. Team communication is everything, and having the right scheduling software allows managers to easily communicate with employees, direct from the app. 

Communication regarding schedules is just as crucial as goal setting. This is because having enough people on the shift at one time is important. 

The Bottom Line

Continually investing (in the right way) in your business is essential to its successful growth. The right software can create a happy team, and give you a lot more time on your hands for your business management and your own tasks. 

Scheduling fairly lets employees know that they are valued and a crucial part of your business. Therefore, if you’re still scheduling via traditional methods, it’s time to up your game! Taking on scheduling software can assist you in meeting your targets on time, as well as keeping your team in the loop. You also save money, last-minute phone calls to fill slots, and most importantly errors. Implementing scheduling software means that you can have a perfect schedule, without all the frills!


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