Happy Birthday David Rosen: The Man Who Made Our Childhood Fun-Filled

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A former Air Force soldier stationed in Japan recognized the growing market potential and started his first company when he was only 24 years old. From selling Japanese art in the US to establishing instant photo booths in Japan, he has taken more risks into unknown markets than most successful people. Fore-sighting the ever-increasing demand for amusement products, he co-founded a video game company SEGA. His company has grown into a multibillion-dollar video game and entertainment conglomerate with products that have become the milestones for the gaming industry. Meet David Rosen, an American entrepreneur and co-founder of Sega Corporation, a Japanese video game company.

Born: 22 January 1930, in Brooklyn, New York (Age 92)

On his 92nd birthday today, we bring a few amazing yet less known facts about David Rosen:

  • David Rosen was born to Fay nee Sachs and Samuel Rosen, in Brooklyn, New York, United States.
  • Early Career: He began his career in the military. In 1948, he joined the United States Air Force and served until 1952. He started from Shanghai in China, then served in Korea during the Korean War, but he spent most of his time in Japan.
  • First Company: In 1954, David Rosen, at the age of 24, started his first company in Japan called Rosen Enterprises, Inc. He used to sell the Japanese art in the United States. Rosen Enterprises also established “Photorama” photo studios which were instant photo booths that took two to three minutes to produce a photo. These booths were known as “nifun shashin” (two minute photo) in Japanese. The Photorama booths quickly became a hit, with over 100 booths installed across Japan within a year. Later, he established amusement machines.
  • Foundation of SEGA: With the newfound interest in the gaming industry, David decided to merge his company with Nihon Goraku Bussan famously known as Service Games. Following the completion of the deal, the company was renamed SEGA Enterprises, Ltd., and David was appointed Chairman, CEO and President in 1965. Today SEGA has become SEGA Corporation – a multinational video game and entertainment company.
  • Periscope: The first game designed by David Rosen was the Periscope. The international version was manufactured by Sega Enterprises, released worldwide in 1967.
  • In 1967, David also founded the Japan Amusement Association and served as its Chairman.
  • In 1996, David Rosen retired from both Sega Japan and Sega America, when his deteriorating health forced him to move to Los Angeles.
  • Family: In 1954, David married Masako Fujisaki and the couple had adopted a Jewish girl named Lisa Rosen.

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