TikTok Repost: A Leaf Out of Twitter’s Book to Make Videos Go Viral In A Jiffy

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TikTok is testing a new feature that could amplify the reach of its content and may prove to be another tool for users to make their videos go viral in a jiffy.

Social media platforms have been constantly copying the most powerful features from their rivals for a long, and TikTok is no exception. This time Twitter has attracted the eyeballs of the think tank of TikTok that are responsible for introducing path-breaking features to keep users glued and lure more users to the platform.

The popular short video app is reportedly testing a brand new “Repost” feature that is similar to Twitter’s retweet function, according to media reports.

TikTok Repost Feature: Big Picture

  • TikTok Repost feature is made available only to select users.
  • Participants in the experiment will notice the Repost button on the share page.
  • It currently allows them to highlight their top videos using messaging apps, emails and more.
  • The Repost button does exactly what it is intended to do. It immediately shares the selected content on the “For You” feed of your TikTok followers.
  • The Repost button, however, isn’t available on all types of content. For instance, it only available with videos that appear within the “For You” feed. Also, it won’t appear with content found on Discover or through the share of a friend that is displayed within the TikTok inbox.
  • TikTok appears to have taken few measures to avoid the misuse of the Report feature by aggressive marketers or creators. Anyone who uses Repost is also required to type some words about the reasons they chose to share the post. The comments, however, won’t show up in the normal comments section, but instead will be hidden behind an “reposted” label which friends can click to see the content you posted.
  • TikTok is expected to emerge as the third most popular social network, after Facebook and Instagram, in terms of monthly active users in 2022. Insider Intelligence estimates that TikTok will have 755 million MAUs, trailing behind Facebook and Instagram that will have an estimated 2,098 million MAUs and 1,282 million MAUs in 2022.

The Nutshell

At present, the only way to share the content available through TikTok is to create a duet or stitch with the video, which is why TikTok’s new Repost feature is the most efficient method to share content with other users. With such little effort, TikTok will be keen to determine if the feature can encourage more users to use the platform instead of watching videos with no interaction. Full implementation will mark a shift for TikTok to user input over its algorithmic method of showing content, but it will continue to play an important part of the platform.

In a widely-shared statement, TikTok said of its most recent tests: “We’re always thinking about ways to add the community value and enhance your TikTok user experience. We’re currently experimenting with an innovative way for users to upload and share TikTok videos they love.”

It’s important to note that since this is a trial the possibility exists that TikTok’s Repost feature will be altered from the current version (indeed certain users have already seen the Repost button marked (“Recommend”) or removed completely from the site.

Whatever be the case, the TikTok Repost feature seems to be a promising addition in its current form and will help the platform to have increased engagement from its users as well as make content go viral in a very short span of time, similar to what Twitter has been known for long.


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