Most Trusted Smartphone Brand in India: Realme Beats Xiaomi

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Which name strikes your mind spontaneously if you need to name the most popular smartphone brand or most trusted smartphone brand or highly satisfying smartphone brand in India?

Smartphones are a hot topic in this modern era of tech products and appliances. The market is flooded with various brands and variants for consumers to choose from a wide range. But, if a consumer wants to settle with nothing but the very best, be it on the basis of awareness, brand trust factor, or satisfaction, the selection process becomes tedious and, of course, confusing.

Therefore, to get a better understanding of the most trusted smartphone brand in the extended market, the market research agency CyberMedia Research (CMR) undertook the ‘CMR Connected Consumer Survey 2021’ and according to the survey report, to understand consumers preferences and trust factors.

It turns out Realme has been winning the hearts of consumers in most areas the survey covered and giving competitors a run for their money! 

Established on May 4, 2018, by Sky Li, Realme is a leading Chinese technology brand. The CMR report threw up some interesting insights and mentioned that Realme’s number was insanely impressive.

The results clearly showed that smartphone brands enjoy Indian consumers’ trust and brand affinity which is gradually translating into increased adoption of new consumer tech products.

Top Smartphone Brand in India 2021: Realme Shines

  • Realme garnered 55% rating to secure the title of most trusted smartphone brand in India, followed by Samsung with 51% and Apple securing third spot with 49%.
  • When it comes to brand awareness, Xiaomi and Samsung dominated with 96% rating beating Realme with 91%.
  • With no surprise, Apple topped the chart in terms of user satisfaction with a 96% rating in most satisfying smartphone brands in India, followed by Samsung with 94%.
  • Realme was again in the limelight as the most considered smartphone brand with ratings of 67% followed by Xiaomi with 62% and surprisingly yet shockingly Samsung at third position with 50% ratings. 
  • In overall satisfaction score Realme, once again, surprised everyone with insane ratings of 96%, beating Samsung by just 1 percent point.
  • Realme also showed a lead-in overall affinity score with 76% rating followed by Xiaomi and Samsung with 74% and 71% rating, respectively. 

The CMR survey wasn’t restricted only to smartphone users. It also checked the pulse of consumers belonging to other segments of consumers tech as well.

  • The survey results highlighted that every three of four prospective users explored Lenovo.
  • In the smartwatch category, Realme topped secured the pole position with 78% rating. 
  • Without any doubt, Boat led the Bluetooth speaker segment with 98% rating in satisfaction.
  • Boat also topped the chart of most recommended wireless earphone brand with 32% rating. Respondent rated Samsung as the second most recommended brand with 25% rating. Realme emerged as undisputed leader in awareness and satisfaction with 74% and 98% rating, respectively. 
  • For consumers fast interface and voice control are two decisive key consumer considerations in the smart tv segment. And these factors helped LG topping the list of highest awareness in the segment with 92% rating, followed by Samsung with 86%. 

All the above ratings are concluded based on responses received from consumers between October and November. The survey covered 25 consumer tech products and appliances, from around 16 consumer technology brands.

Undoubtedly smartphone was the most important and popular segment and the list of most trusted smartphone brands in India 2021 depicts that Realme is fast gaining momentum and popularity among consumers. For Xiaomi Realme poses a great threat to its market dominance while for Samsung it is another promising competitor, after Xiaomi, to deal with in the highly competitive smartphone market.


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