The Price of JioPhone Next: Just ₹500 To Take The India Market By Storm

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The jaw-dropping price of JioPhone Next seems quite unbelievable, especially at a time when the whole industry is struggling with the supply chain due to chip shortage.

Reliance has decided to do that again, and this could result in a long queue outside mobile stores across India. Yes, we are talking about the price of JioPhone Next that will reportedly be tagged with Rs 500/- only.

According to some media reports, Reliance is trying to take the market by storm by launching JioPhone Next with such a throwaway price. The Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Jio is aiming to deep-penetrate the market right from the start by replicating the excitement, now-defunct Reliance Communications created way back in 2004 with a similar strategy.


The road to success, however, is going to be much more challenging for Mukesh Ambani. Considering the specifications of JioPhone Next, Reliance Jio would have to take a huge hit on the cost of the smartphone that is scheduled to be launched in the next two weeks.

On Monday, Reliance Jio spilled few more beans about the JioPhone Next. The india-market-focused Jio phone would be powered with Android-based Pragati OS – the smartphone operating system tailored developed for india by Jio in collaboration with Google.

JioPhone Next would be the most affordable 4G smartphone in the world, conditioned to launch price of Rs 500. It will also have Qualcomm processor and 2,500 mAh battery under the hood. It will house 13MP smart rear camera and 8MP front camera. The device will sport 5.5″ HD Display to provide better viewing experinece to users.

One of the major attractions of JioPhone Next is Voice Assistance that Reliance is aggresively promoting. The feature helps users to interact with apps and operate the device in their own language. The device will have multilingual support catering to people from all regions in India. The users of JioPhone Next would also be able to consume content in their prefered language via ReadALoud listen functionality.

While the excitement and hype towards the world’s most affordable 4G smartphone can be seen by the increasing number of search queries on Google, the projected price of JioPhone Next could be a game changer.


It’s quite hard to believe that a smartphone with such promising specification could be offered at a price of Rs 500, we anticipate that it would be just an initial offer for a limited number of early customers.

After dethoning Airtel in a short span of time in telecom sector, Reliance is now aiming to put a smartphone in hand of every citizen of India who is still hooked with feature phone or entry-level 3G smartphones. It would be interesting to see how market responses to the price of JioPhone Next in next few months considering the fact that the company’s previous attempt to make waves with low-price Jio phones failed measurably.


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