Elon Musk Follows, She Thanks, Musk Unfollows: Elon Never Stops Surprising

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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, never stops surprising, especially when on Twitter. He is known to make the Wall Street dancing on his tweets but he can also be quite a funny troll in between his posts about Tesla or SpaceX.

The latest incident related to Elon Musk Twitter activity is intrigue as well as funny.

Rebecca, a space enthusiast, was left stunned after noticing that she is followed by none other than the world’s second-richest billionaire Elon Musk. Unlike Elon Musk, who enjoys a huge fan following of 59 million, Rebecca is followed by only 7,400 people on Twitter. Indeed it’s a lifetime moment for anyone by seeing a person at the stature of Elon Mush finds value in his tweets, and starts following her. tweets are going to be read.


To express his happiness, excitement, and gratitude towards Elon Musk Rebecca thanked Musk.

However, it appears that her tweet did the damage by grabbing the attention of Elon. Her happiness was short-lived when Musk responded to Rebecca with a short, humorous message.

Realizing how disheartening and disappointing this could be to her, Musk added some more clarity in his follow-up tweets. He explained that it must be his child, named X, who accidentally followed Rebecca as he likes to play with Musk’s phone frequently.

Whatever be the case, it was a moment of joy and celebration for Rebecca, albeit for a very brief period. Getting attention from Musk, and being followed by him accidentally is a rare accident many Twitteratis would love to meet. It’s important to mention that Elon follows only 109 people on his Twitter account.

Musk’s activities on Twitter keep attracting eyeballs at regular intervals. His outspoken tweets put him in trouble and cost dearly. One of his tweets dubbed as ‘world’s most expensive tweet‘ made almost everyone in the world stunned.


Anyways, Rebecca may not be that lucky to have Elon Musk on his followers’ list, but this is the incident she would like to remember and boast about lifelong.


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