Summer Is Coming! Prep for a Real Estate Showdown In The Era of Internet And Pandemic

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A PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) report once said that the investable real estate market would have grown by a staggering 55% in 2020 compared to its standing in 2012.

Then COVID-19 pandemic strikes!

While some states like New Jersey and Utah enjoyed a rapidly growing demand for properties, others didn’t do so well. Think of New York, California, and many crowded cities and states. Several Americans packed their bags and moved to less-populated areas to keep themselves and their families safe or perhaps enjoy bigger home and yard space.

If your market was one of those badly affected by the pandemic, here’s some hope for you: tomorrow is another day. This year, things are likely to turn out for the better.

One, the pandemic is more manageable overall in the United States. This may encourage more people to go out and attend real estate events or book a tour appointment.

Second, the United States is fast-tracking its COVID-19 vaccine rollout, and the CDC is starting to loosen some of its health guidelines. For instance, fully vaccinated people can already go outdoors without having to wear a mask.

They can also forgo wearing one if they’re with people who had also received two doses of vaccines. Most of all, many Americans can now travel at least domestically.

Third, summer is one of the best times to look for a new property. The kids are out of school, the weather’s great for house hunting, and a lot are probably going to venture out having been cooped up for months.

The most important thing is to get your real estate business ready and competitive. Here are two excellent tips you can consider:

1. Make Your Signs Work

There are several designs for real estate yard signs, and colonial post is the most popular for residential properties. It features an L frame with a suspended sign saying the house is up for sale or is already sold.

This setup works because the sign is likely to “disappear” anytime soon because of strong winds or another person’s fault. However, if you’re planning an open house, the H-frame stake may be a better option for you.

As its name suggests, the whole structure involves two stakes with another metal or wood that connects both for stability. Then you attach the sign to its body. The design makes it easier for you to install and remove after the open house.

What you place in your sign also matters. Don’t just mark it as “sold” or “available.” Include the name of your real estate agency, contact details, and even a link to a website. Even better, attach a QR code that directs visitors and interested home buyers to your online page.

Think of the colour combination as well. Often, boards are white while the texts are dark or bold to allow their shades to pop. Applying the concept of colour psychology, red may be the best choice for “For Sale” signs. This is because the colour is associated with urgency.

2. Maximize Your Local Business Listing

Probably one of the underrated online marketing strategies for businesses, including real estate agencies, is their local listing.

In a comprehensive study by Bright Local, over 15% of businesses will receive not fewer than 100 calls monthly from their Google My Business Listing. Meanwhile, call actions increased by nearly 25% from 2017 to 2018.

Meanwhile, in other reports, over 75% of local searches convert. This may mean a purchase, a call, or any desired call to action of the company. And yet, no more than 50% of businesses with an online presence are able to claim a business listing.

Bright Local has a step-by-step guide on how to register or add your business listing to Google. Basically, you just need a Google account. If your company already has one, then you’re ready to sign up.

But like your yard sign, you need to make this work. Here are a few tips:

  • Link your listing to Google Maps. It will be easy and convenient for your future clients to find your real estate office. Make sure too that the map’s pin is accurate.
  • Encourage your former buyers to write a review for your business. Not only does this improve your online credibility, but it also helps boost your local SEO ranking. In other words, your potential clients are more likely to find you if they look for real estate businesses in your area.
  • Add a contact number. This way, your potential clients or homebuyers can call you without having to go to your website.
  • Include an updated website. Your website remains a powerful tool in marketing since you can include search listings, virtual and 3D tours, and contact info.

Summer is fast approaching. There’s no better time to get more aggressive with your offline and online marketing campaigns than now.


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