Microsoft Offering Jaw-Dropping Bonus To All Employees

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The festival season has come earlier for all Microsoft employees. The Redmond based software giant has decided to give a whopping Rs 1.12 lakh (US$ 1,500) pandemic bonus to all its employees.

Undoubtedly, the news of the Microsoft employee bonus has spread like a wildfire and has become the talk of the town much before it’s announced officially. The Verge has cited some internal memo that reveals that Microsoft is decided to thank all its employee to recognise their work during the challenging year that was badly hit due to the pandemic.

Microsoft is not the only company that has decided to recognise their workforce who served the company during the Covid-19 affected pandemic year. Facebook, Amazon and few other companies have already announced employee bonuses, albeit only for frontline workers.

Microsoft Employee Bonus: Big Picture

  • Microsoft has currently 175,598 employees worldwide. As of fiscal 2020, the company had 163,000 full-time employees.
  • Microsoft employee bonus is meant for all eligible employees in the US and internationally.
  • Microsoft has decided to gift the bonus to all employees below the corporate vice president level that joined the company before March 01 April 2021.
  • Employees working in Microsoft’s subsidiaries LinkedIn, GitHub and ZeniMax will be disappointed as they are not made eligible for the bonus.
  • Microsoft emerges as the second biggest tech acquirer in 2020 by acquiring nearly 10 companies.
  • Microsoft pandemic bonus would cost the company around $200 million, which is equal to the company’s 2 days profit.
  • Facebook has already gifted $1,000 each to 45,000 employees. The social media giants has a total employee strength of 58,604 by the end of 2020.
  • Amazon, however, played conservatively and paid $300 each to its frontline workers.
  • Microsoft has also delayed the opening of its offices until September this year. All employees are asked to continue from home until then.
  • Microsoft Redmond HQ is open for a limited number of employees as the company is making each and every move very carefully.

Food For Thought

The decision to reward all eligible employees with a whopping $1,500 pandemic bonus is being seen as an effort by Microsoft to present itself as an employee-first company. During the time when employees are feeling burnt out and a big majority of employees are planning to either resign or take a break, such a decision will rejuvenate all employees.

How much will this help Microsoft in terms of employing employees satisfaction and keeping the attrition rate low, only time will tell. But all those employees who made themselves available to the company despite all odds during the pandemic time deserve applause and such benefits.


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