The Most Attractive Brands in India To Work For In 2021: Google Takes The Cake!

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Every person has an aspiration of working in the best company at least once in his professional career. But the definition of ‘the best company to work for‘ may differ from person to person. The process of finding and curating such a list is equally tedious. The leading talent management firm, Randstad India, pulls that off every year in an impressive way!

According to the latest report from the research firm the internet giant Google has emerged as the most attractive brand employer in India for 2021.

Companies were evaluated on three criteria – financial health, strong reputation, and attractive salary and other benefits. The impact of Covid19 is quite visible on employees as the work-life balance eclipses attractive salary and benefits as the most influencing factor for employees to select an employer.

Most Attractive Brands To Work In India: Big Picture

  • The list is dominated by tech companies. Google India tops the list of the most attractive brands to work for in India.
  • Amazon India and Microsoft India are the second and third most favourite brand among Indian employers.
  • 8 out of top 10 most attractive brands to work in India belong to the tech industry.
  • Infosys, Dell Technologies, IBM India, TCS, Wipro are the other tech companies rated among the top 10 companies.
  • Tata Steel and Sony are the only non-tech top companies in the list that attract talents in India.
  • 65% of participants voted for work-life balance as the most important factor influencing their decision of choosing their company to work.
  • Covid-19 friendliness also plays an important role in employees’ decisions now. 61% of participants said that the Covid-19 compliant work environment is an important factor in their decision to select their employer.
  • Job Security also emerged as the second most important factor as 61% of participants voted for it.
  • A higher percentage of female employees (51%) prefer working from home as compared to 49% of male employees who prefer to work from home.

Food For Thought

One thing that stands out clearly from the data collected and analysed during the survey is the importance of a good reputation of employers. Employees, especially those having few years of experience, are becoming more selective in their decision as compared to previous years. Hence, companies need to start working on their brand reputation with a more focused approach than ever before in order to attract the best brains of the industry.

The study, however, paints quite a promising picture. Employees are jumping off the ship more frequency nowadays than before, and companies must be equally blamed for the higher attrition as most top companies have started turning blind eyes to employees stability factor. This leads us to a question – Do employees really turn their back to a fat paycheque offered by comparatively smaller or less known brands?

We leave you with this above question to find a real, rather more practical, answer!


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