Smartphone Battery Draining Issue: This Most Ignored Issue May Be The Real Culprit

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One of the most common complains among smartphone users is battery draining issue. Nearly 57% of smartphone users blame smartphone battery draining issue as biggest culprit behind their reduced productivity and unavailability at times.

When the issue starts troubling, smartphone users always blame apps that are working in the background. Many users believe that screen brightness is the major cause of that problem and end up reducing that. The most common practice is installing battery-saving apps that keep killing background processes and keep making few other optimisations in a bid to reduce the load on a smartphone battery. Even after all these measures if the battery draining issue continues to persist they are left with no option but to hit to service centre.

However, there is one very common issue that almost every smartphone user faces and complains about, but fails to realise the effect of that on mobile battery. And guess, who must be blamed for that – your telecom provider!

Smartphone Battery Draining Issue: Big Picture

  • The smartphone battery draining issue is one of the most commons problems reported by a sizeable number of smartphone users, irrespective of what brand of smartphone they use or OS that powers it.
  • The poor signal is the most neglected issue among smartphone users. As far as they don’t find any interruption in calls, most smartphone users never pay any attention to the signal strength.
  • The poorer the mobile signals be, the higher power consumption your smartphone would require.
  • Every smartphone OS has an option to check poor signal and their effect on a smartphone battery.
  • To check it, Go to Settings > Battery> Battery Usage by Apps. pay attention to “Phone“. A warning message as ‘Poor Signal‘ will be displayed right Phone option if your smartphone battery is draining due to poor signal.
  • The distance of your smartphone from mobile towers can also be the reason behind the poor signal. Setting up a mobile tower is a costly affair for telecom companies and that’s why the poor signal is a persuasive problem in many countries including the United States and India.

Mobile Battery Draining Issue: Food For Thought

While it’s difficult to find out a concrete solution for the problem of poor mobile signal but every smartphone users must take few measures to optimise their smartphone battery for optimal performance.

The smartphone battery draining issue could easily be resolved if a user pays attention to signal strengths and make few changes in default settings.

The first and the foremost important setting that every struggling smartphone user must do is Network Mode. To hide their incompetency in providing seamless network connectivity, every telecom provider suggests smartphone users have Network Mode settings as ‘Auto‘. Because of the very setting, your network keeps jumping between 4G and 3G depending on the network availability in various parts of a country, which drains your battery significantly. To fix this, you must set Network Mode manually as “4G/VoLTE” and enable the ‘WiFi auto connect’ and ‘WiFi calling’ feature. In areas where 4G connectivity is not available, you would be able to receive calls on WiFi.

In case if you often find yourself in a place where network connectivity is really bad, like an office or home, have a Signal Booster installed. Signal boosters are affordably priced and will keep your cell phone signal five bars full. Cell amplifiers reduce your phone’s battery expenditure, thereby extending your battery while giving you great reception.

If you find the weak mobile signal issue very often and multiple locations, we suggest to port your number to a network that offers more consistent network connectivity.

The issue of mobile battery draining could persist due to others reasons too, but the mobile signal issue is one of the most neglected ones that often put people in a difficult situation. Just by tweaking your smartphone for optimum battery performance, you can solve your problem to a great extent. After failing to have the problem fixed despite having all the above settings look at battery health, probably it’s time to replace your smartphone battery!.


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