The Pictures Of World’s First Google Store Are Just Mesmerising!

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Nearly a month ago Google announced its plan to open the first Google Store in New York. Yesterday, Google inaugurated the world’s first Google Store, leaving all the gusts completely stunned with the interiors and display style.

Google Store in New York city, attracted hundreds of guests who paid visit to the store, mostly out of tehir curiosity check how the store is different from Amazon or Apple Store.

The aesthetic design of Google Store and colourful interiors left every visitor stunned.

Google Store: The Big Picture

  • While approaching Google Store, a visitor will see physical and digital product displays lining the store’s windows, which offer a peek into Google’s products and their features. This is helpful for window shoppers to check what are the current offerings without crowding the store.
  • A light-filled space that explains how Google products can be helpful is designed to welcome guests as they enter Google Store.
  • There is a 17-foot tall circular glass structure near the main entrance of Google Store. Google calls it Google Imagination Space. It is meant to exhibit the best of our products and technologies that visitors can experience in the store.
  • Powered with Google Translate and machine learning capabilities, Google Imagination Space can interact with visitors in 24 languages simultaneously.
  • There is a product expert at every part of Google Store to assist visitors to know more about the product or services.

Food For Thought

With the launch of the first Google Store, Google has made it clear what it is up to and how serious the company is to make inroads in the retail eCommerce segment. Google has a fleet of products and services offerings for every generation of people. As the world is slowly, but steadily, getting dependent on devices for their day to day activities, Google has apparently realised that it’s now or never. However, it’s a completely new segment for the company mostly known for its internet services. It would be interesting to see what strategies the company employs to make the most out of many more upcoming Google Stores across the US.

Whatever be the future of Google Store, Google has done a superb job with its first retail store, kicking off its plan with a bang. We leave you with the stunning picture gallery to visualise how exciting your visit to Google Store would be.

Photo Curtesy: 4Chaan


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