Google Shakes Hand With Samsung With An Aim To Dominate Wearable Industry

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Google and Samsung partnership is turning heads as it brings a lot many major changes to Wear OS.

Looks like Google has realised that it won’t be easy to beat Apple in the healthcare segment and a strong partner is indeed needed to give Apple a run for its money in the global wearable segment.

After dominating the Smartphone OS segment for years, Google has finally decided to leverage on Samsung’s to replicate the same success in the wearable segment as well. In the ongoing Google I/O 2021 conference, the company has announced that it is combining its efforts for developing Wear OS with Samsung.

The big announcement came with a slight name change as well; “Wear OS” will be called as “Wear” going further.

Google, apparently, believes that the combined expertise of both the companies which have been working on their own wearable OS for many years will result in the best possible experience that smartwatch users could ever have.

While Google has been working on Wear OS for nearly 7 years now, Samsung is also trying to strengthen its presence in the wearable segment with its own devices that are powered by Tizen OS.

Besides the announcement related to the Google and Samsung partnership for Wear, the company also announced to integrate a lot many Fitbit services on Wear. The move was much anticipated after Google completed the acquisition of Fitbit for $2.1 billion early this year.

Going further Wear will provide more flexibility to OEMs to match the look and feel of their smartwatch with their smartphone. Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and a lot many other leading smartphone companies are aggressively working on strategies to flood the market with cost-effective smartwatches that could have seamless integration with their devices. With Wear offering more customisation capabilities, the adoption of Wear by all the OEMs would be faster and would eventually help Google to claim a bigger market size in Wearable segment.

Google Wear: Killing Two Birds With One Stone

By shaking hands with Samsung for Wear, Google has killed two birds with one stone.

The rising competition from Samsung in the wearable segment was one of the biggest concerns for Google which is the undisputed and unchallenged dominant player in the smartphone OS market. By having Samsung by its side now, Google will have to no longer worry about Tizen OS Samsung has been working on for years.

On the other hand, by partnering with Samsung Google has successfully made the wearable market a two-horse race now. Apple accounted for 34% of global smartwatch shipments in 2020 and led with a distinctive margin. The other Smartwatch OEMs including Huawei and Samsung which rely either on their own OS or Google Wear have a minuscule market share as compared to Apple.

As Google and Samsung have finally agreed to join their forces against Apple in the smartwatch segment, it would be interesting to see how fruitful this partnership becomes for both the tech giants. Will the changing market dynamics give the current market leader Apple run for its money? We need to wait for some time to find the answer to this. Until then stay tuned.


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