Twitter Blue: Twitter Subscription Service At $3 Per Month

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Embrace yourself! the Twitterverse is about to get a lot more exciting very soon.

As we reported earlier that the microblogging social platform Twitter was exploring a paid subscription model, some new information related to the same spills more beans about Twitter’s game plan.

Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, has revealed that she has unearthed how much a Twitter subscription might cost and what it will be called.


On Saturday, Wong tweeted out that Twitter’s paid offering will be called ‘Twitter Blue’, which will cost $2.99 per month and will include coveted features such as ‘Undo Tweet’ and bookmark collections.

As per Wong, Twitter is apparently working on a tiered subscription model, which she believes can mean that the platform’s highest paying users will be able to get a less cluttered and premium experience.

When reached out to confirm the same, a Twitter spokesperson declined to comment. But that was somewhat expected as, in the past, the company hasn’t really been keen on confirming or otherwise commenting on Wong’s accurate discovery of Twitter’s new features prior to launch.

In the past several weeks, the Jack Dorsey led social media giant made announcements about a slew of new products – updating warnings about offensive tweets, improving its photo cropping algorithm to enable taller images to be displayed in users’ feeds, adding the functionality for Android users to search their direct messages and rolling out a tipping feature for creators, journalists, experts to earn money from their following.

It is also important to note here that earlier this month, Twitter acquired Scroll, a $5 per month subscription service that removes ads from its partnered websites. And with the Scroll-acquisition announcement, the company also mentioned that it would be shutting down Nuzzel, a Scroll service that sent users daily roundups of the top stories in their Twitter feed.


Wong, in her following tweet, mentioned that the former CEO of Scroll Tony Haile, who is now on Twitter’s product team, the day his company was acquired, tweeted out that Scroll would go on to be integrated into a broader Twiter subscription later in 2021. Therefore, this indicates that one of Twitter’s premium offerings in the near future will be a premium ad-free experience, something which hardcore tweeters have been asking for as long as editable tweets!

In its Q1 earnings report released late last month, Twitter reported that they’d minted $68 million in profit from revenue of $1.04 billion. The microblogging platform reported a 20% increase in their ‘monetizable active users’

All in all, although the premise seems to be extremely exciting, currently, there is no concrete word from Twitter when the premium paid version of the platform would launching or who would be considered eligible for it. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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