The Latest Hire Of Clubhouse To Drive Marketing Is Turning Heads!

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Clubhouse, the latest and the hottest entrant in the social media space, has recently acquired a top-level talent that is turning heads in the entire industry.

On Sunday, the exclusive audio-only social media platform welcomed onboard Maya Watson, Netflix’s Ex-Director of Editorial and Publishing, as their Global Head of Marketing. At Clubhouse, she will be working closely with the app’s creators to curate content.

Watson, acknowledging the same in an Instagram post, wrote that she is both humbled and honoured to be granted the role and believes Clubhouse is the future of social connection and networking. Thus, she is excited to get started.

Now, even though the Clubhouse app has rapidly grown to become the mecca of Silicon Valley’s tech elite with more than a whopping 10 million installs as reported by Sensor Tower, it is still an underdog profile on Maya Watson’s resume.

From Netflix To Obama: Watson Is Marketing Champ

When she was working at Netflix, Watson was responsible for coming up with the strategy to create and distribute content on social media, handle the development of new audience segments across various apps and podcasts, and help its existing user base discover new titles more efficiently.

Before her stint at Netflix, Watson, within the mere span of six years, quickly went from being an intern to the Director of Marketing and Social Media at Harapo, which is the production studio of the legendary Oprah Winfrey.

During her time at Harapo, she was part of the team which helped Oprah bag an Emmy in 2013 for the tv series ‘Oprah’s Lifeclass’. Sadly, in two short years in 2015, Harapo shut down, but Watson kept marching towards bigger roles in a continuous winning streak.

She landed a similar position at OWN, aka The Oprah Winfrey Network, where she also led marketing and social media. But that is not all.

In 2008, Watson took a break from managing marketing for Winfrey’s media empire and helped Barack Obama, the highly regarded former US President. She worked as a regional field director in the U.S state of Indiana during Obama’s very first presidential election campaign.

Fast forward to the present, now that Watson has become a part of Clubhouse, there is no doubt she will soon help the app grow beyond the scope of serving as a virtual gathering space for thought leaders and tech evangelists and reach a more mainstream audience.

On Sunday, Paul Vaison, Clubhouse CEO, unveiled the company’s new accelerator program for users who host their shows on the app.

Clubhouse will be selecting 20 influencers to participate in the program wherein they will be offered mentorship and a monthly stipend of $5000 to focus on growing their presence on Cubhouse full-time. This is exactly where Maya Watson comes into the picture. She will be an active liaison between the app and its creators besides helping the latter develop and curate content.

All in all, this recent move by Clubhouse explains that the budding social media company is very well aware that success is primarily driven by smart people who work behind it rigorously. Maya Watson surely fits the bill for her new role. It now remains to be seen what new strategies she will employ to help Clubhouse grow even further. We will keep you updated on all future developments. Until then, stay tuned.


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