This Is How To Get Back Into Video Gaming: It Is Now For Everybody!

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Video games are widely known as one of the best ways to relax. This can be social, meditative, or just a way to ease off and relax. But one more thing – your entire attention is needed when you play video games. One thing you may not be able to achieve is to keep scrolling down through Facebook, while you play “The Last of Us 2”, just as you can while seeing the latest popular release from Netflix.

Gaming in 2021 comes in all shapes and sizes. From the nostalgic or next-gen consoles featured below to finding new sites to play at and choosing your favourite casino titles with a new player bonus, online games have something to offer everyone.

When we were young, we loved video games like SSX Tricky on the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007, and PlayStation 2. But the life of an adult, work, and other priorities took over as we grew up. However, thanks to the present global disorder that has chased many people indoors for many months; I’ve been able to rediscover my love for gaming, as I spent more free time indoors.


So, if you’ve never touched a controller since the glory days of the 2000s like me, this is the time to pick one and try it out again.

Select a Platform

If you are looking to start video gaming again, one of the most important decisions is to decide on the platform to game on. Each of the platforms comes with its pros and cons, especially if you are just getting back to the fold after a long period out.


The king of a gaming setup is dedicated to Windows Gaming PC. With it, you will enjoy the highest amount of games customization, but it will cost you more than other platforms. But the delightful thing is that you do not need a serious machine here. All you need is to download Steam, and the fun can start. Even if you have the most basic Kapto out there, you can play a whole lot of games on it, though you may not enjoy the recent games that come with very intense graphics.

However, gaming PCs come with their own downsides. The biggest of them according to my own thinking is that if you spend your entire day on the computer working, you will not be doing yourself some good if you also return to it for leisure.

Now, while the gamer’s operating system of choice is Windows, games can still be enjoyed on Linux PC, though only a few games work here. Here also, it is still the same Steam that you will need to download as the go-to app, after which you select the game you love and tackle it head on.



The platform with the least selection of games may be Apple computers. The reputation they have as a gaming platform is a bad one, and they earned it. But if Mac is the only computer you have at home, you can still enjoy games with it. The range of games that are available on the macOS may baffle you, and it is through Steam that you can also purchase games here. While Crusader Kings III has been keeping some busy on the windows, some have been enjoying themselves with Civilization VI on Mac.

Last Gen Consoles

The launch of the next generation consoles happened not too long, but finding them has not been easy, and the chance that a friend of yours has an old console lying fallow in their house is always there. The fact is that you do not need an entirely new console. If you have a working childhood N64, you can pick it up, dust it, and use it to get back to video gaming.

Even if there are no old consoles, the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 could still be purchased for less than $300 if you want a device that is dedicated to gaming while hooked up to your TV set. If you prefer to get a refurbished or second hand model, you can get better deals for that.

One huge advantage of the older consoles is that they have a whole lot of very cheap games. Based on how long you’ve not played, you may have missed a whole lot of AAA titles. If that is the case, you will have enough to keep you busy even if three different pandemics were to happen. I’ve been playing a lot of games on my PS4 since this self-isolation and stay at home rule.

Meanwhile, if what you prefer is online games, you will need to subscribe with $10 per month to Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus. If you subscribe to them for prolonged periods, you will get cheaper deals.

Next Gen Consoles

The next generation of consoles is gaming’s ultimate good news right now. They include the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, the PS5, and not to talk of the naming scheme from Microsoft.

So, if you are trying to rediscover your gaming mojo, you might be tempted to go for a brand new top notch console, but that may not be the best idea. They are rarely available right now, and when you see them, they are outrageously priced, and not many games have taken full advantage of their qualities. The same thing is applicable to online gaming. Here, you will have to pay a $10 subscription every month and still get beaten by teenagers.

Tablet or Smartphone

A few years ago, a rather ridiculous debate came high up, especially by people who believe they must keep the culture alive, and that is the question of whether smartphone gamers are real gamers. That debate was actually a stupid one because tablets or smartphones are also wonderful platforms for gaming. But one thing to note here is that iOS does much better than Android here. Now, while you are not advised to get heavily entangled with the pay to win successors of popular titles like Candy Crush, a whole lot of other deep, exciting, and involved games are available on smartphones. You can even enjoy Civ VI on android and iOS.

Streaming Services

We’ve not actually found a Netflix of video games so to say, but we have some commendable works from Google and Sony when it comes to game streaming. Through PS, you can now stream a huge catalogue of games, including more than 800 PlayStation games to your Windows PC or ps4, hence your controller is compatible, for just $19.99 a month bill.

For a fewer selection of games, Google Stadia costs $9.99 a month, though you can purchase even new games like Cyberpunk 2077 through the service. You can also Stream games to Google chrome to any compatible android phone, chromecast ultra, your TV, or even your laptop. You may even need a controller, depending on the device you use.

Retro Games

While most of the old hardware is dead, a lot of them are still alive on emulators. There are more than 1,700 retro games on the internet arcade, and they consist of games of the 70s, 80, and 90s.

Find Some Games

Immediately you are done selecting the best platform to use, the next thing would be to select the games you want to play. There are thousands of them out there, so you have a lot to choose from. The biggest thing to consider when selecting is whether you are searching for a single player game that does not need an internet connection or an online multiplayer title.

Single Player Games

To find single player games would be easier for you than the multiplayer ones, though the implication is that you have more options to consider here.

The best way to go about it is to search for lists of (best-of) for anyone you are working with. If you prefer a particular type of game, like platforms or strategy games, you should search for roundups that lists and explains the available choices. If you are coming back after years of not playing, many older games may seem new to you. The best thing about the classics here is that they come very cheap most times.

Apart from the gaming websites, you can also ask your friends for recommendations. Also, if you preferred to enjoy some games when you were younger, check if they’ve gotten some sequels. You can also get to the online stores and check the sales sections and charts. From there, you will learn what others are enjoying currently. At present, the number of independent successful game studios has increased. Never overlook games because you’ve not heard the names of the companies that made them.

Split Screen Games

They are no longer as popular as before, but they still exist.

Online Multiplayer Games

Some of them have waned in popularity, while others continue to wax stronger, including Among Us and Fortnite.

Find People to Play With

You enjoy online games more with other people. If you have friends, get them to join you, and you will have more fun.


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