Indian Job Seekers Find Too Many Recruitment Stages Quite Concerning: LinkedIn Survey

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The 2020 global pandemic introduced many difficulties for job seekers to get hired But, now that employment is somewhat moving towards normalcy, 3 out of 4 Indian professionals are either actively looking for new jobs or wanting to transition into better roles according to LinkedIn’s new research report.

Based on 1,016 survey responses the professional social networking platform recently released their new JobSeeker research focussing on Indian job seekers who are currently coming across the various challenges of finding a job in the present scenario.

In the report, LinkedIn discusses how job seekers in India are relying and leaning on their professional communities to find themselves new career opportunities in 2021. The report also points towards professional uncertainty and worry that’s doing rounds amid Indian professionals as the job market is continually getting more competitive.

According to the JobSeeker research, 38% of Indian job seekers are worried about the existence of too many recruitment stages and 32% are irked with exhaustingly long application documents. The LinkedIn research also highlighted how 74% (3 in 4) professionals are not quite sure of how networking can help them achieve their goals of securing a new job or position.

That being said, despite all the uncertainty, challenges and personal reservations of how they will upgrade their career, India still showed resilience towards professional growth as 64% or 2 in 3 survey respondents said they were confident about their future progression while every 2 in 5 (35%) individuals said attending networking events and investing in learning online (37%) will be a critical factor in landing a job in 2021.

Now, besides the JobSeeker report, LinkedIn also released a ‘Jobs on the Rise’ list for India in order to empower and guide entry-level job seekers to choose a concrete career path. The list is compiled by their data scientists who have looked across 15,000+ job titles in order to uncover the most growing job roles when compared to 2019 levels.

Below are the top 15 career trends as revealed by LinkedIn’s Jobs on the Rise 2021 India report.

  • Freelance content creators – Podcaster, Creative writer, Youtuber, etc.
  • Social Media and digital marketing Roles – Social Media Marketing Manager, Social Media Strategist, Growth Hacker.
  • Marketing roles – Brand Associate, Affiliate Marketing Specialist, Networking Marketing Specialist
  • Business Development and Sales Roles – Strategic Advisor, Business Development Associate
  • Specialized Engineering Roles – Network Expert, Software Engineering Specialist, Back End Developer
  • Finance Roles – Equity Trader, Regulatory Compliance Analyst, Treasurer
  • Education-Based Roles – Academic Advisor, Admissions Officer, Curriculum Developer
  • Artificial Intelligence Roles – Machine Learning Specialist, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Machine Learning Engineer
  • E-commerce Roles – Online Specialist, eCommerce Coordinator
  • Cybersecurity Roles – Security Researcher, Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Data science Roles – Data Science Specialist, Analytics Consultant, Data Analyst
  • Healthcare roles – Medical Officer, Psychologist
  • Human resources Roles – Human Resources Generalist, Human Resources Assistant, Human Resources Coordinator
  • User experience designer Roles – User Experience (UX) Designer, User Interface Designer
  • Customer service Roles – Customer Service Specialist

All in all, both the reports by LinkedIn are able to truly reflect on how rapidly India’s employment ecosystem and the roles it has to offer are changing. This is mostly due to the accelerated digital transformation in the business landscape – all thanks to the global pandemic. Now, it remains to be seen how well can the modern Indian job seekers adapt themselves to this growing change to transition into newer and better roles. Stay tuned for more updates.


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